Reach out to your loved ones with a personalized greeting and make every wish feel special

With Diwali round the corner, people are busy shopping for clothes, lanterns, lights and various gifts for their family and friends. It is not only the festive mood that makes us happy during Diwali but also the good times we share with our loved ones. People call or message each other to share greetings with their loved ones. However, in this world of easy access to the internet and busy lives, people have become habituated to forwards rather than personal wishes.

Identifying this consumer behaviour, today Vodafone has launched a heart-warming campaign encouraging people to share #YourWordsNotForwards this Diwali with a personalised greeting to their loved ones.

The digital film weaves the story of a grandmother and her grand kid to show how in this world of forwards, personalized greetings bring people closer and fill hearts with love and warmth.

Commenting on the campaign, Kavita Nair, Chief Digital Transformation and Brand Officer, Vodafone Idea Limited, said, “In today’s automated world, relationships have moved from being warm and personal to being distant and impersonal. As a brand that believes in genuine conversations, we want to remind our consumers the importance of personal messages and calls and the love and warmth it conveys. Through this #YourWordsNotForwards campaign, we are encouraging everyone to take out time to wish their loved ones with a personal touch and send original greetings instead of forwards. We hope that people will take a lead and connect this Diwali in the real sense.”

Kiran Antony, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy South and Team Vodafone, Ogilvy said, “Wishing over a period of time has become impersonal. We are all guilty of it. What started off as calls to friends and family, came down to messages and is now only about forwarding wishes created by someone else. We wanted consumers to realise that every wish can also have a personal touch added to it. A sweet visual for this was to get a grandmother to make an effort while wishing her grandson and reminding everyone to share #YourWordsNotForwards.

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