Snapdeal has evamped its complete online look

New Delhi, India, August 8, 2015: These days we often hear Startup Companies shifting their focus from Website to mobile apps however there are some companies who still understand the value of Web traffic and are paying equal attention to both the mobile and web apps. There some well seen examples where companies have rolled back from an app only model to both app and Website model.

Snapdeal has evamped its complete online look. The new look now is available to all the users. Both the website and App have a fresh new look. The main aim of this new look is to refresh the user experience for both mobile app and website.


In the #NewLookForSnapdeal, page load time on web is reduced by 25%; crashes under 1% on mobile apps.

In this design update, Snapdeal gave a new and refreshing look to its website and mobile application to provide superior user experience for Android, iOS and Desktop users. The new user interfaces are designed with a focus to create consumer delight with enhanced offerings. Snapdeal’s new user interface is intuitive and features easy to locate product information, grouping of the content by intend and access to all decision-making information in one view.


Commenting on the new development, AnandChandrasekaran, Chief Product Officer at Snapdeal said, “Technology is at the core of Snapdeal’s DNA and our vision is to build a world-class digital commerce platform. We are continuously working to enhance the user experience through our websites and the mobile experiences. The refreshed interface is designed to give our products an uncluttered look, to make navigation easier and create more focus on visual elements that will highlight the over 12 million products.”

Anand further adds, “We have incorporated customer feedback which has helped us immensely to design a product that will result in a richer and more personalised shopping experience. Today over 80% of Snapdeal ‘s first time users and 90% of post purchase customers recommend the apps to their family and friends. Going forward, we will continue to further enhance and add new features to give our customers a fantastic shopping experience.”With a reduced app size of 6MB, enhanced performance on mobile with far fewer crashes and 25% faster page load on desktop, the redesigned user interface will now offer a simpler, augmented and user-friendly platform. This will enable the consumers to make purchases in the first view of the page and reduce the number of steps involved when buying a specific product. With the refreshed user interface, Snapdeal has revised the traditional red banner in the background in favour of more white space with less distraction from ads and colours, and more focussed on visuals and product information. This makes navigation easier for consumers while going through various shopping categories to discover and choose products conveniently.

Salient features of the new user interface

Simple, modern and intuitive design
Elegant combination of colours, fonts and icons
Great visual and information hierarchy with relevant animations
Material design philosophy

Redefined information architecture
Visual, category specific navigation
Improved category grouping
Better access to navigation throughout the journey
Reduced number of steps to reach the right product

Improved discovery interface
Separate category and offer discovery
Dedicated search page with recent searches
Bookmark favourite categories
Easy sort and filter actions on top of the page

Intuitive consumer buying journey
Product information pages designed for easy visual navigation
All decision making information in single view
Reimagined checkout process

Lets see how this move of Snapdeal turns out to be for them.

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