Five pre and post haircare tips from Holi colours by Advanced Hair Studio

Holi celebrations are all about colours, pichkaris, balloons and a walk down to memory lane. It is that time of the year when families get together, friends join in and with colours and sweets the festival kick-start. It is always advised to guard your hair and skin right from the beginning, starting from opting for organic colours over synthetic ones. However, knowing it is not a commonly used alternative, it is wise to take precautions. People generally engage in taking precautions before the colours hit your body but to ensure that the damage care is complete it is equally important to follow a regime to take out the colours properly.

Here are few natural pre and post Holi hair care tips by Advanced Hair Studio experts.

  • Oiling (Coconut, castor or jojoba oil) 

The most popular, traditional and convenient way to reduce the damage caused by toxic colours is oiling your hair with generous amount. It greases the hair strands and helps in removing the colours later as well. The oil puts a coating that shields and protects your hair from the chemicals and the harsh sunrays. It also avoids colour deposition on the scalp.

  • Save your hair in style- Dorn a bandana (cover your hair) 

It’s the festival of colours, so no amount of colour you sport on the day would look out of place. Carefully covering your head with a colourful bandana or scarf before stepping out to play with colours will work as a protection and will keep you in style. Covering hair further prevents direct contact of any chemical and eases the process of hair wash after the celebrations.

  • Wash your hair right away 

While you should not definitely restrict yourself from enjoying to the fullest this Holi, do not wait too long to wash off these colours either. Rinsing your hair right away with plenty of water after the celebrations will ensure cleanliness of the scalp to the fullest. Additionally, experts recommend rinsing your hair with cold water over hot as warm water as the latter tends to solidify the colours, making them remain on the surface of your hair and scalp.

  • Heavy conditioning 

Retaining the moisture of the scalp and hair is the key to maintaining a healthy mane. We recommend opting deep conditioning of the hair both before and after the celebrations as it is one of the best ways to retain moisture and natural oils. In addition, this step helps in dealing with the unwanted fizziness and combat scalp dryness due to the exposure to harsh and harmful toxins present in the commonly used colour.

  • Hair mask- Natural ingredients 

Lastly, to negate any adverse effects, treat your hair with a natural homemade and hair mask. This helps in dodging any sort of dryness and itchiness; leaving the hair soft, voluminous and shiny. Light massage into the hair and scalp with egg yolk or yoghurt mixed with olive oil, improves the ability of hair to absorb oil that adds a natural shine to the mane.

Following these few simply tricks, would ensure you stress free celebration this festive season.

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