How to save your mobile data and stay entertained

Nowadays we cannot imagine our life without the internet. We stay online almost 24/7; all our apps are connected to the internet. Because of it we also spend a lot of data and money on mobile internet – we just cannot wait till we get to home or work and use WiFi.

Some people are already trying to reduce the time spent on the phone. The first step to it is to minimize the usage of the internet. That might help a lot if you are also trying to save some money. But anyway, you might get in a traffic jam sitting on the bus and cannot just look through the window all the time. At this moment you realize that you want to use your phone, but with the minimum usage of data or downloads of big data packages.


No download casino on NativeCasinos

Some people prefer spending their time playing online casinos. However, you need to download the application first, then spend some money inside the app while still spending your data on it. With no download casino, you just open the browser, copy-paste the link and start playing — no additional spending on data or your time. The most popular casino to play in such way is slot casinos.

Offline games

Not all games require an internet connection. However, that might happen that there are less available functions if you do not have an internet connection. These 5 games work completely without an internet connection:

-Special Forces Group 2 – Action (FPS)

-Quizoid – Trivia

-Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

-Big Little Farmer Offline Form – Casual

-Darts King – Sports

You can choose the one you like most – trivia or action game.


Reading books is still a very popular way to spend time, even in the age of electronic devices. Today we do not go to the library. We barely go to book stores – all we want to read can be downloaded and read on the devices. Some people prefer using e-book readers when others also like to read from their smartphones. You can download your favorite book and spend less than 1 MB of data on it. After it, the whole new world is available for you on the pages of the book.

Also, there are some apps like Pocket, that will allow you to save web pages for future and read them in offline mode. That is a great feature that allows you to read a lot of useful articles without spending your data and stay entertained.

Listen to music or podcasts offline

This activity requires additional actions in advance. First, you will need to download your favorite music or podcasts. But in 2019 we are lucky – modern apps allow you to download the music in one click and enjoy it offline whenever you want.

As you can see, it is very easy to find some entertainment on your smartphone and save data. Yes, some of these activities still require to download something in advance, we recommend to do it via WiFi. After it, you can play your favorite online casino and choose the best on the, read your favorite book, or listen to some funny or useful podcasts. The most important thing here is that you will save you data and at the same time save some money. So using your phone less on data is very useful for your budget planning as well. Before starting it, we recommend you also just to track data expenses. If they are too high, for sure, you need some data saving plan and reduce data using to a minimum.

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