Knowlarity launches Dial-in number for Mother’s Day special

Mother’s day is a special occasion to thank your mother for her unconditional love. A mere gift and card shall not speak your heart out, so why not to surprise her with your own words and voice. Knowlarity, a leading cloud telephony provider of India brings you a special way to express your love and care on this Mother’s Day special.

Share your feelings and wish her through a recorded message. So all you have to do is dial +919069138623 and listen to the complete recording mentioned below:

For Dialers:

1) “This Mother’s Day, let Knowlarity help you tell your Mum exactly how you feel! All you have to do is record your message and we’ll take care of sending it to her on Mother’s Day.”

2) “To get started, please record your message after the beep.”

3) “The message you have recorded is”

4) “Press 1 if you think your message is good-to-go! Press 2 if you’d like to record it again.”

5) “Please record your name after the beep.”

6) “Please enter your recipient’s number along with the country code followed by hash key.”

7) “Your message will be sent to”

8) “Press 1 to confirm, Press 2 to enter again.”

9) “Congratulations! Your message will be sent to your mum on Mother’s Day! Knowlarity wishes you & your family a very Happy Mother’s Day.”

For Receivers:

1) “Hi there, happy Mother’s day! You’ve received a special message from (Dialer), powered by Knowlarity. Press 1 if you want to listen to it, hang up if you don’t.”

2) “Press 1 to listen to the message again, press 2 to talk to (Dialer)

3) If the person presses 2

“Please stay on hold while we connect you.”

So surprise your mother this Mother’s day and let her know how special she is to you and Knowlarity.

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