EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.0 Review

We know that how important is our all documents, photos, videos and other files, which are stored in our personal computer or laptop. These photos and videos are our memories. Sometimes we lost our these files due to some reasons, It happens due to Deleted, Formatted, Hard drive damage, Virus attack, OS crash or error, Partition loss, RAW partition. In this time, we feel very stressed and disappointed, because our important files were deleted. After this incident, we always think, how can we overcome this problem and recover our lost files.

After thinking about above-mentioned situation, I should also be prepared for this situation and search for good software for myself. In software searching time, I visited one website “EaseUS”. Here, I found three types of Windows data recovery software, these are Data Recovery Wizard Pro, Data Recovery Wizard Free, and Data Recovery Wizard Pro + WinPE. All of above three types of software comes with different options. But, I found EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.0 also a good option for me, because it is a free data recovery software, and, by it, I can recover 2GB data.

By using this software, now, I can recover all types of lost files, including photos, documents, videos, audio, emails, compressed files etc. It can recover lost data from PCs, laptops, digital devices, hard drive(HDD, SSD, USB, etc), storage media, server, RAID etc. I found myself surprised when I saw that I can also recover deleted files from Lost partition.


How to Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 12.0

Select a Location to Start Finding Data

Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, please select a location where you lose your data and start to scan, like Desktop, Libraries, hard drive, external storage devices.



Scan Your Computer or Device

The initial scan will be very quick. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard lists all searched files that are simply deleted or cleaned from the Recycle Bin.


After the quick scan, deep scan starts immediately. Deep scan can find much more lost files thoroughly by searching into the file indexes, while it takes a longer time.


Preview and Recover Lost Files

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard allows to preview specific recoverable files. After the preview or file filtering, you can target the tracked files and press ‘Recover’ button to get everything you want back now.
(Please Note: DO NOT save the files into the hard drive or device where you lost the data.)


How to Recover 2GB Data for FREE

In default, you are able to recover 500MB data for free by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free version. Need to restore much more 1.5GB data? You have to share EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to get the additional 1.5GB data for free. The share option could be found in the right top of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard interface.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a good recovery software, which recovers deleted files very easily, because, I have tried it on my laptop and I recovered my last two three months deleted files, photos and review videos. I have downloaded 2GB file to see the authenticity and I have succeeded in it. Many other data recovery software only allow few MBs for data recovery under its Free plan, but in EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, it allows 2GB of data recovery with many good options, which I already discussed above.

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