Flipspaces, eyes the $ 100 billion US commercial design and build market, expands to the US

Flipspaces has announced its expansion plans to 5 different cities of the US market, with its operation center established in Boston.

With over 20 strategic partners, Flipspaces aims to scale up its business to  $100 million in the commercial real estate market in the US over the next 24 months. This is, in fact, a step forward to collaborative efforts towards “Discovery”, “Design” and “Delivery” for innovating,  designing and building the commercial spaces. Focusing majorly on the East Coast market, business partnerships have been signed with key stakeholders including brokers, architects, and designers. With over five projects spanning across commercial spaces like offices, retail stores, and hospitality outlets, Flipspaces has gained traction across different sectors spanning from office spaces to cafe and retail fronts of different sizes within the first quarter of operations in the US.

Commenting on the move,  Kunal Sharma, CEO & Founder of Flipspaces, said, “Our latest venture of international expansion perfectly coincides with the vision of the company.  Since the US demography is willing to pay a premium for technology-enabled design services, the design only revenues specifically can be targeted in the US territory which forms an additional layer above the build and product supply revenues.”

The latest market research states that 2020 is a pivotal year for the U.S. commercial real estate industry, focusing on geopolitical, economic and local regulatory issues and demand for office space will remain strong in 2020 with the design and build market being a robust $ 100 billion.  Flipspaces foresees leveraging its technology extensively, owing to its ease of integration and visible acceptance in the US market.

Flipspaces continues to be an integrated solution provider of property ‘Discovery’, ‘Design’ and ‘Delivery’ for SMEs, startups and co-working spaces that are looking forward to expanding their physical presence.  “We look forward to working extensively with young entrepreneurs and established business leaders who have helped us shape and refine our design approach towards the market,” added Ankur Muchhal, COO and Co-Founder .” The technology suite, powered by Virtual Reality and Gaming Engine Based tech, is the key differentiator in the startup’s vision of disrupting a $250 billion market globally.

Exclusively designed for the commercial spaces, build and decor markets, Flipspaces is already operational in 3 Indian cities including Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.

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