OOFFRR- A Deal App to grow your Business and a great way to sell

Shopping is an activity which is not confined to a particular age group or class of people. We all love shopping; it’s just the convenience in shopping that matters. Online shopping portals provide us with the convenience to shop from the comfort of our home and office, without much hassle.

While the offers and discounts in online shopping are good and convenient for the shoppers; there’s an aspect associated with it, which is often overlooked. The growth of online shopping, on one hand has made things easier for the customers; on the other hand, the local businesses have to suffer tremendously. When everyone finds it easy to shop from the comfort of one’s own space without moving out and without visiting the market, the footfall and revenue of local shops is suffering.

OOFFRR aims at eradicating the following situations that have arisen in the local business scenario:

–          In urban vicinity, esp. in metro cities, most customers nowadays are not aware about the shops and businesses located in their vicinity. Major reasons are a) most of the population in metro cities influxes from other cities b) most of the population is dependent on online shopping with a frame of mind that online shopping involves discounts.

–          The dependability of customers on online shopping takes a toll on the revenue of the local shopkeepers. As more population is dependent on online shopping, the amount of walk-ins is low at local businesses.

OOFFRR aims to create the “connect” where both local businesses and customers, are benefitted. It is a community of sorts which protects the interests of the shopkeepers as well as the consumers. In other words, OOFFRR is helping local businesses and shops, gain more visibility in their vicinity which can help them generate more walk-ins and revenue.

The shoppers at OOFFRR are also at the advantage as they can buy at discount from the shops in their preferred location, and enjoy other rewards. Certain rewards are given in form of Ocash, which can be redeemed from various OOFFRR stores.

What makes us Special?

–          Based on the above scenario, our app is been launched for a convenient shopping experience. We are empaneling more and more businesses and shops on our portal, who offer various discounts and benefits on their goods and services. We have close to 3000 merchants registered with us in Delhi alone and this number is increasing every day; about 5 more businesses are signing up with us daily.

–          Due to inflow of local businesses that are coming on board with us and the variety of offers available, we have already attracted about 6000 hyper local users and after every 10 days we get 1000 more mobile app users. We have succeeded in creating the initial “link” of business and consumers and we aim to take this further.

–          The ease in usage of the mobile app as well as the web portal is the backbone behind the development of our market and we are focussed on this aspect. We have a dedicated IT team of 20 young and exuberant professionals who are making it easy for users to interact with the app. Apart from that, our marketing team is always on toes when it comes to looking for new businesses to take on board and new offers to be made available. We have to maintain the vibrancy of our market in order to attract new users.

–          We have kept the whole process easy and user friendly. The shoppers can simply locate the local business that provides the service in accordance to their needs and they can directly purchase from them. This does not involve any hassles or online payment gateway. With us, shopping is bliss!

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