Dyson installs 100 air purifiers at old-age homes in Delhi-NCR

The problem of air pollution is a year-long problem, as the AQI yet again touched 400 in certain areas of Delhi-NCR, during the first week of January. Almost a quarter of elderly people (21%) during a survey by Agewell Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, working for welfare and empowerment of older persons; claimed that their major concern is rising pollution level during winters, which causes many health-related problems and restrict their outings. The survey was conducted on over 1500 elderly living in Delhi NCR during December.

To assist the elderly in breathing purified air, since November, Dyson has installed 100 air purifiers across four old-age homes in Delhi including Golden Stick Old Age Home, Sandhya Old Age Home, Aradhana Old Age home and Ashirwad Old Age home.

Dr. Priyanka Kulshreshtha – Joint Secretary- Society for Indoor Environment (SIE)“The elderly population are the vulnerable ones to the exposure of poor indoor air quality in their homes. The less active physical life compounded by age related illness force them to be confined within the household boundaries. This exposure to the air pollutants in the indoor microenvironment makes them exposed to Acute Lung Respiratory infections and can affect their cardiovascular health also. Elderly with pre-existing heart vulnerabilities are more prone to suffer from Ischemic heart disease if the concentration of respirable suspended particulate matter, molds and allergens are not controlled. In Delhi, where the ambient air concentrations are also much higher than the permissible limits, the use of chemical based products like paints, floor and glass cleaners, deodorants and sprays create a cocktail of indoor air pollutants that plays heavily on the health of old people living there.”

This will be an ongoing initiative from Dyson in India in an effort to make purified and clean air available to everyone.

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