Hike launches avatars with HikeMoji: brings hundreds of personal & hyperlocal HikeMoji Stickers for every user

Hike launched avatars with HikeMoji, an incredibly personal way for users to bring their funnest, most expressive selves online. With over 1000+ hairstyles, facial features, bindis, local clothing, nose pins & more to choose from, users can make their HikeMoji truly their own. To start with, users also get 100+ exclusive stickers of their HikeMoji in any of the 7 regional languages available in addition to English & Hindi. With this, HikeMoji becomes the first & only made in India hyperlocal avatar that is customizable with local components & languages.


One of the things that stands out with HikeMoji is the seamless creation. Once on the Hike Sticker Chat app, users can take a selfie that then gets converted into a base HikeMoji on top of which users can begin to customize their HikeMoji. The HikeMoji can be personalized with over 1000+ components many of which are hyperlocal built just for the Indian audience. The second thing that stands out are the hyperlocal stickers. Once the HikeMoji is ready, the app automatically generates over 100 exclusive HikeMoji Stickers that are only available to that user based on the language of their choice. The HikeMoji Stickers are available in 7 regional languages in addition to English & Hindi. These stickers can also be seamlessly shared across social media platforms.


Behind the scenes, Hike is building upon the latest advancements in AI. HikeMoji is created using advanced Computer Vision and deep neural networks. This enables the platform to search around 100 trillion combinations of facial shape and color features to create a HikeMoji & HikeMoji Stickers reflecting the user’s looks within a few seconds. With hundreds of HikeMoji Stickers of themselves to choose from, ML & NLP  play a key role in enabling easy discovery & apt sticker recommendations for each user across a total of 9 languages.


With incredible advancements in technology so much more is possible today. Today we can do things we couldn’t, even just a few years ago. We’re seeing self-worth move online faster than ever before and the youth spend far more time perfecting their online lives than their lives offline. HikeMoji has been built with that in mind. It is a way to bring your true-est, fun-est most expressive self-online. With HikeMoji, you can be the you, that you’ve always wanted to be.”

In the online world, you can go beyond the constraints of the offline world so one of our principles with HikeMoji is that it’s 60% you and 40% who you’d love to be. The artwork is key to making this work. People need to feel that this is them, so we’ve ensured that the HikeMojis feel relatable but they’re also aspirational. There’s a local flavor to the avatar and all the 1000+ customizations that come with it. Users also get over 100 exclusive HikeMoji stickers that only they can use to start with.”

Behind the scenes, all of this comes to life through Machine Learning. It’s at the intersection of both Art & ML that we’re able to bring such novel and unique experiences to life. Today, we’re launching the first version to the market and are quite excited to build upon this foundation.” — Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder & CEO, Hike.

Users can create their own HikeMoji & access exclusive HikeMoji Stickers of themselves on Hike Sticker Chat app available for download on the Google Play & the App Store. In addition to having their HikeMoji Stickers in Hindi and English, users can choose from seven other regional languages — Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam. Launched in beta, the feature will be rapidly upgraded with new builds shipping out every few weeks.

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