Post-budget 2018 Reaction Mr. Ali Asgar Kagzi, Co founder & Director, Genext Students

The Finance Minister has presented a broad-based Budget focused on accelerating India’s inclusive growth. The Budget reiterates the major programs and initiatives that have been previously announced – Jan Dhan Yojana, Skill India, Swach Bharat, Make in India and Digital India.The Budget retains the focus on financial and technological inclusion.

“But from the overall education point of view, we have mixed feelings about the budget. Apart from the increase in education cess to 4% which could mean more funds for improving education, all other measures sound good for now but the real test of its success will depend on its effective implementation. Even for the 2 key programs in education – Digital Boards & Teacher Training the intent proposals are different from the current needs on ground realities. A much faster & easier solution could be to do PPP partnerships with existing players already trying to improve the quality of education, faster disbursement of the already allocated funds and reducing the tax burden for the ecosystem to get a boost.

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