Vedantu launches Phonics-based LIVE online reading classes for primary kids aged 4-6

Vedantu has launched SuperReaders- LIVE and personalised Phonics-based online reading classes for kids aged between 4 to 6. These LIVE online classes will be conducted by experts and dedicated mentors from across the globe who are extremely adept at teaching young minds how to read independently. Hosted on Vedantu’s revolutionary LIVE and interactive W.A.V.E. platform, SuperReaders is designed to keep young minds engaged through interactive songs, sounds through actions, games, and rewards. A unique feature of these classes include an introduction to the world of ‘Phonics’ or letter sounds (‘oo’, ‘ng’, ‘y’) through storytelling with over 65 exciting stories.

Phonics is proven to be highly effective in a child’s initial stages of learning and helps children to recognize and associate sounds of the alphabet in the word they read. Children who learn to read with phonological knowledge, become fluent readers and gain strong comprehension skills. This approach not only boosts their reading ability but also helps them to think logically while associating with different sounds to words, ace spellings, improve vocabulary, and further improves their communication making them more confident.

The sole aim of Super Readers is to inculcate kids with the habit of reading independently at an early age. With 42 sounds children will learn to read almost any word without any difficulty. The curriculum is highly personalised, interactive, and suited towards an individual’s learning curve.

Vamsi Krishna, CEO & Co-founder, Vedantu, opined, “The development of language is one of the 4 facets of a child’s development. At Vedantu we recognize this and have designed SuperReaders as an age-appropriate LIVE online learning class that answers the needs of a child’s emerging developmental impulses. Our pedagogy is unique, and the program has been scientifically designed to engage with very young kids. We have left no stone unturned and created this program with love for our youngest members of the Vedantu family. We hope to nurture children who enjoy learning and are engaged in their self-development through the power of reading.”

The sessions are conducted by top language experts who are highly qualified and trained in the Phonics domain. With SuperReaders, every learner will get a personalised tutoring environment. parent’s presence is mandatory for the entire 40 mins session along with Vedantu’s certified educators and storytellers who will handhold the child in their learning process. 

Vedantu SuperReaders program includes:

  1. Introduction to Reading
    • 8 1:1 classes, first 7 out of 42 basic sounds & 7 children’s stories
  2. First Steps in Reading
    • 24 1:1 classes, first 24 out of 42 basic sounds & 21 children’s stories
  3. Building Comfort with Reading
    • 48 1:1 classes, 42 out of 42 basic sounds, 41 children’s stories & basic comprehension
  4. Independent Reading
    • 72 1:1 classes, All 42 basic sounds, 15-22 advanced phonics sounds, 65 children’s stories along with 5 themed projects & advanced comprehension

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