Keventers partners with Myprotein to create the coolest Butterscotch Whey Protein

Keventers in collaboration with Myprotein, the world’s No.1 online sports nutrition brand, has announced the launch of Keventers Butterscotch flavoured whey protein for its audience. The new Keventers Butterscotch flavour aims to cater to the fitness community in India, enabling them to attain their individual objectives while savouring a delicious new flavour that embodies nostalgic emotions.

The new Keventers Butterscotch Flavoured Whey Protein celebrates the union of cherished memories and health-conscious choices. The tagline, “Memories in Every Scoop – Relive Sweetness, Healthily!” perfectly encapsulates the essence of this innovative product. The fusion of Keventers’ classic Butterscotch recipe with Myprotein’s guilt-free protein treat gives a flavourful alternative which empowers individuals to meet their nutritional objectives without compromising on taste!

The new Keventers Butterscotch Whey Protein is exclusively available in 500g/1kg packs, priced at Rs. 2,599 & Rs.4,399 respectively at 

Agastya Dalmia – Founder and CEO, Keventers added, “We’re delighted to partner with Myprotein for the launch of Keventers Butterscotch Flavoured Whey Protein in India. This collaboration will beautifully blend the sweetness of nostalgia with the goodness of nutrition, delivering a delightful path towards fitness goals.”

Sanya Chhabra, Regional Marketing Manager, Myprotein Emerging Markets said, “We are excited to introduce the Keventers Butterscotch Flavoured Whey Protein to our Indian customers. Myprotein’s collaboration with Keventers underscores a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By combining Myprotein’s expertise in sports nutrition with Keventers’ legacy of taste, the new whey protein flavour will exemplify a harmonious blend of sensory pleasure and dietary purpose.”

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