Companies go an extra mile for Employee Mental Health

As work from home becomes the new normal, social distancing can easily take a toll on our mental health in the form of stress, fatigue, even anxiety and other behavioral problems. There has been a 35-40% increase in the number of cases of stress and panic attack in April over previous months, according to data from counseling firms.

At a time when almost every organization is focusing upon employee wellness, some of them are paying extra attention towards mental health. Today, “morale boosting, reassurance, empathy, and counseling” have become the buzzwords of corporate boardroom discussions. Companies are collaborating with health experts to introduce webinars and online programs on mental health, ayurvedic nutrition for immunity boosting, virtual yoga and respiratory exercises to help their employees.

Here is the list of companies helping their employees with mental well-being:


Uber has come up with its global ‘Employee Assistance Program,’ which provides free services to its employees and their family members while maintaining confidentiality.  The company is providing confidential counseling with stress and anxiety while encouraging them to reach out for help if they need it. The company has also come up with a dedicated assistance program for parents with an expert in the prenatal and postpartum care.  It is also conducting regular webinars with specialists to help employees work from home efficiently while coping with uncertain times.


Capgemini is conducting webinars in association with its external partners where it is helping its employees to deal with anxiety and stress related to the present situation. The company has also started a Guided Meditation series in association with its wellness partner, which includes light pre-exercise, meditation and post-exercise. It has also arranged for the counselling service for employees who need emotional support through its empanelled counselling service provider.

Brookfield Properties

Brookfield Properties is helping its employees reframe the current challenges of today’s uncertain times while also promoting a new mindset focusing on positivity and self-care. The company has organized an interactive counseling session “Thriving in the New Normal”, in association with the eminent clinical psychologist Dr. Marcus Ranney (GM, India, Thrive Global). This session is a part of the ‘‘Positive Pulse, A Wellness Initiative’, where the company is hosting a series of engagement activities, interactive sessions with industry experts, creating engagement videos and running rewarding contests. Through this, the company is ensuring the safety of its stakeholders and employees across its Commercial Real Estate portfolios, Candor Tech Space in Gurgaon, Noida and Kolkata; as well as for Powai Business District and Equinox Business Park in Mumbai.

Ceat Tyres

Ceat has come up with an initiative called Cofit-20 where it is giving regular consultation to its employees with its recently appointed Chief Fitness Officer Ms. Deepali Athawale, and the renowned fitness trainer Vani Pahwa. The company is also sharing podcasts with its employees which are directed at their well-being. It has also conducted a webinar on ‘Building psychological immunity’ during the coronavirus outbreak with an expert psychologist.


Accor India has come up with Accor Employee Wellbeing and Assistance Programme to help employees cope up with difficulties and calmly resolve personal and professional issues. The programme gives its employees 24/7 access to experienced counselors who are helping them achieve emotional well-being during the uncertain times.

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