Bonito Designs launches state of the art Experience Centre in Bengaluru at Horamavu

Bonito Designs have recently opened a new experience center in HRBR Layout. This new experience center located at the junction of North & East Bengaluru is a testament to Bonito’s design philosophy, their trademark focus on extreme customization and their customer-first approach to design.

In Bengaluru, there are pockets of home fittings and furniture stores posing as interior designers, across the city. The reason for the birth of Bonito Designs was the need to handle people’s dream homes with more care than just as another business venture motivated purely by financials.  “We felt it’s more than a privilege, it is our duty as interior designers to make sure that each project culminates in a home, and not just a good-looking template of what’s trending. We founded Bonito on the principle that we would put our souls into designing homes and not into creating a cookie-cutter catalogue. The goodwill we seem to have gathered along the way is honestly the most reassuring part of my journey with this company. The new experience center is also built on that foundation – making curated design experiences accessible to everyone. At the end of the day, we are all working towards designing a home that you feel at home in.”, said Bonito’s Founder Rickson D’souza, talking about the new experience centre.

Bonito Designs state of the art Experience Centre in Bengaluru at Horamavu

“No two Bonito homes are the same,”- you would hear this a lot at Bonito Designs. It’s really our mantra – we make unique homes for everybody, and it’s the truth so people feel the warmth we’re selling at Bonito. Anyone can build a house but converting it into a dream home takes a different commitment and approach altogether.”, Amit Parasuramka CEO said regarding Bonito’s business model.

Bonito Designs have been functioning out of Bengaluru for the last 9 years. In this time, they have rapidly grown into a trusted service that has created over 2500 dream homes. There is certainly a case to be made for Bonito Designs evolving with the times. Boasting the largest interior design YouTube Channel in Asia with over 450k followers, they have a strong online presence that has been painstakingly developed over the course of many years. With an iron-bound brand language and a clear focus on design & customer centricity, the marketing game is strong at Bonito Designs. Added to this are first-of-its-kind initiatives like their earth-friendly tree-planting program, “The Family Tree”, or their proactive weekly educational webinar sessions on Interior Design, “Bonito Discover”.

The mesmerizing new Experience Center at HRBR Layout spans 10,000sq.ft. and showcases some of the design concepts that Bonito has executed over the years. With 22 rooms representing every imaginable space in a modern Indian home, the flawless balance between aesthetics and modern functionality is on display in every corner. The stunning visual experience helps customers discover endless possibilities in interior design for their own homes. And at the customers’ aid is a dedicated team of design experts helping them navigate through the plethora of colour palettes, materials, laminates, furnishings, furniture and much more.

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