5 must have things for work from home space

As  covid  second wave sweeps the country, the work from home model is likely to continue. Work from home (WFH) is no doubt a blessing to most of us since we are still in a position to work and earn a living.  And while the idea of simply rolling out of bed and starting your workday may seem way better than your usual commute, setting yourself up for in-house professional success takes a little more planning than you might expect. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best accessories to make working from home feel like your dream job.

  1. Laptop Cooling Pad- ZinQ Cooling Pad is designed for gaming and office use, this cooling pad can support Laptops up to 15.6″-17″. Mute motor and 4 large fans and 1 extra large fan provide superior airflow at whisper quiet noise levels, spinning at over 1,100 RPM. The Zinq cool slate laptop cooler provides a good air flow allowing you to work all day without making any noise and interrupting your work or gaming flow. Double Rotatable switch for adjusting the wind speed of fans; Eye-catching Red LED lights to better know wind speed status of the fans.With the help of ergonomic adjustable height setting design, the Zinq Cool Slate laptop cooler provides the most relaxing incline angle for all-day viewing and typing.
  1. Wired Mouse- A convenient multipurpose mouse for everyday use— that’s what defines the Zinq ZQ233 for you. It may look simple but there’s a lot to it. The 1000 DPI mouse is ambidextrous, meaning both left and right-handed folks can you use it with equal ease. It has a durable body with each key having at least 10 million clicks of lifespan. When it comes to compatibility, there’s no doubt that the mouse works perfectly well with every operating system be it Windows, Mac, Unix or Ubuntu. One can use a mouse for gaming as well as enhancing productivity. The powerful optical sensor helps it to smartly manoeuvre over smooth and rough surfaces with finesse. And as it’s priced at a very budget-friendly rate, one can find the mouse worth every penny you spend.
  1. Bluetooth Headphones- Slip-on and glide into the enhanced world of bass with zero discomfort. Enabled with an Advanced Dynamic 40mm driver, the Zinq ERUPT will make sure you hear the top and bottom notes in your playlist for their true sound. Not just that, treat yourself to that ‘live at the concert’ feel no matter where you are. The light-weight, flexible design makes the Zinq ERUPT so travel-friendly. Get through your day effortlessly with Handsfree calling. You can enjoy uninterrupted music all day long. The padded comfort cushion lets you enjoy music without the ache that comes with regular headphones.
  1. Multimedia Keyboard- The Zinq 1000 full-sized keyboard is an everyman’s keyboard. It has 104 keys, including hotkey combinations, that help you ensure you can revel in its multi-functionality usage. It’s quite robust and ergonomic in design as it has dual hinges which can be raised and adjusted as per your convenience. The keys are quite comfortable with a linear press going all the way down. Multimedia keys enable quick actions, commands and side numerical keys to make it ambidextrous. The keys are spill-proof which makes it quite safe to use. You can use the keyboard to type it for hours as it has a comfortable hand resting position. The Zinq 1000 offers you so much more within a price that’s so budget-friendly.
  1. UPS for Router- Sudden power cuts can be worrisome that’s why the Zinq ZQ-6600 12V UPS for Router comes to the rescue. Its intelligent battery management system ensures that the UPS charges itself during the availability of electricity, but on the occurrence of an electrical failure, the UPS toggles itself into battery mode. The 12V 2000 mA UPS for router has two input and output ports. When it comes to installation, it’s extremely DIY-friendly as you can install it within 30 seconds. You may think only your WiFi/ADSL Router can be connected, but guess what— you can connect your DTH Set Top Box, CCTV and intercom as well. You will find 4 connectors (2 for input and 2 for output) that can easily connect with those devices. The device is featherweight and can easily be carried around. The ZQ-6600 is BIS certified, has consumer-grade CE and is RoHS certified.

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