Edureka ties up with Talend to train Big Data professionals on real-time data integration

Bangalore-based e-learning startup, Edureka has announced its partnership with a leading data integration software provider, Talend, to enhance its curriculum for the Big Data community. With 85+ live courses on Big Data, Cloud Computing, Languages, Mobile Development, among others, Edureka is committed to helping professionals improve their skills with industry-relevant insights targeted at supporting career growth.

Big Data integration has been a challenge for enterprises worldwide. The need for leveraging enterprise-wide data, using insights from this data and putting it to meaningful, tactical use, requires an end-to-end strategy and tools. While there are multiple tools available in the market, Talend is one of the best for integrating with Big Data.
The biggest reason why Talend scores over other ETL tools is its ability to seamlessly integrate with Hadoop. Talend’s capabilities to work with Hive and its widget-based programming abilities are some of the key capabilities that make it a compelling choice for ETL. With Talend, a user may simply drag-and-drop widgets to create integration jobs, as opposed to having to write 100s of lines of code. This has helped major multinationals like Air France, GE and Citibank and many other companies worldwide save time and integrate their data effectively in real-time.

The Edureka course, “Talend for Big Data”, is aimed at enabling professionals to uncover the potential of HDFS, Pig and Hive for ETL, and data warehousing. Even for somebody with a non-programming background, the course provides insights on how to work with Big Data and Hadoop.

“Talend for Big Data” is one of the most popular Edureka courses. Edureka’s differentiated e-learning platform provides industry-relevant courses in cutting edge technologies, along with projects based on real-life industry use cases. For its Talend course, Edureka has achieved a 97.5 approval rating (Approval rating stands for the number of learners who have rated the course as ‘excellent’).

According to Durgesh Kaushik, Chief Marketing Officer, Edureka, “A few months ago, we realized that a lot of our learners, especially those who aspired for a career in Big Data and Hadoop, were looking for credible courses on Talend. We gave to them a course specially curated by experts, and based on real-life use cases. It was an instant hit. We were able to articulate Talend’s ability to provide real-time data and application integration capabilities through our course. Through our partnership with Talend, we will be able to go a step further to helping learners by proving, more insights and industry-aligned content to accelerate their Big Data and data Integration careers.” Kaushik adds, “We are very confident that Edureka’s partnership with Talend will contribute to the adoption of Talend, and enhance engagement with Talend’s massive community.”

“Given the speed with which Big Data technologies and Talend’s integration platform are evolving, e-learning is becoming an important way for developers to keep up with the latest innovations,” Ashley Stirrup, Chief Marketing Officer, Talend says. “Through our direct collaboration with Edureka, we’ll be able to help shape the curriculum to match what’s going on in the big data market and help train a new generation of developers to support companies as they transition to data-driven enterprises,” Stirrup adds.

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