Helo hosts Saif Ali Khan for ‘Laal Kaptaan’ in its latest episode of Friday Fever

Riding high on the excitement building around his upcoming movie Laal Kaptaan, Saif Ali Khan shared his pre-release jitters on Friday Fever, the flagship online show of Helo, India’s leading  social media platform.

Friday Fever is a one-of-a-kind online show that aims to bring fans on Helo closer to their favourite movie stars, with a platform that allows the stars to share their excitement and expectations from the upcoming movies. The show, which rides on the Friday jitters of the movie stars, right before the movie release, follows a series of fun question and answer format.

During the episode, Saif spoke about his upcoming period action drama, Laal Kaptaan, and behind-the-scenes stories stories while shooting for the movie with his fans on Helo. Laal Kaptaan is releasing in India on October 18, 2019.

Saif gamely answered the #Helo Friday Fever questions such as, ‘What was your reaction after reading the script of the film for the first time; his reasons for joining the web series Sacred Games; playing bad guys like Langda Tyagi, and many others. During the show, he admitted that it is fun to play the bad guy and he would love to play the ‘Joker’, the super villain of Hollywood, if given a chance. He also confessed that he would like the media to stop asking questions about his children. For the full episode, check-out: http://m.helo-app.com/al/RpYFRmwpR

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