Indian Models Can Romp in International Fashion Ramps

With the global fashion industry now crossing the $1.2 trillion mark and $250 billion emerging from the US market alone every year, the time has ripened for the Indian beauties, undoubtedly the best ones of the world, to show their modeling talents internationally.


Poised to take a giant leap in immediate future, the world of biz opens up a highly lucrative career of the glitz glamour for the girls as models not only in India but across the world. But for this, they need right break.

QueensNQueens International (QnQ) is all set to conduct its first beauty pageants’ auditions in Mumbai for Queen India, Princess India and Miss Teen India on February 3rd, 2018.

According to Vaishali Dake-Musale, the CEO of QnQ, a company emerging as one of the top brand names in the global fashion world since its inception in 2013, the successful candidates from this screening event will get an opportunity to perform in its Fashion Fiesta – 2018.

QnQ is organizing the contest at three different levels, namely ‘Queen India’ for married women from 21 years and above, “Princess India” for spinsters of ages between 19-27 years and “ Miss teen India”  for girls aged between 13 to 18 years.

Indian Women Possesses the Best Natural Beauty

Ruing though the Indian women are the best in the world as far as the natural feminine beauty concerns, they are not able to make their presence felt in the international modeling ramps, Vaishali said adding QnQ has vowed to help, train and groom Indian women to make them the global faces of advertising and modeling. Vaishali said she launched her very own brand of beauty pageant 2018 under the logo QueensnQueens.

Vaishali said with the largest chunk of migrant population in USA being the Indians, the American fashion can further grow if the modeling jobs are done by the Indians or persons of Indian origin. She is currently engaged in making Indian model persons as the global benchmark.

Her company now plans to launch its brand logo in the Fashion Fiesta – 2018 when it will organize the All-India Grand Finale awarding Queen India, Princess India and Miss Teen India in Mumbai, on 27-28th April, 2018.

Some renowned personalities from the field like Pushkar Jog, Hindi & Marathi actor; Simran Ahuja, Ms. India Magnificent 2013, Jeweler Queen 2015, Cultural Ambassador at Paris and Dubai 2016; Darasing Khurana, Mr. India International 2017, Brand Ambassador for DATRI, Business Icon award winner for Excellence in Modeling will remain present as judges in the final event.

Besides awards for the winners, a bundle of opportunities will open up for those extraordinary performers followed by cash prize and much more. Side by side they will represent India in the USA. Sponsors in the chain of events will get promotions through posters in buses, hoardings, TV advertisements and social media.

For the real women of substance, the ones who are not only integral to their family or to their workplace, but also contribute to their communities at large, Vaishali’s company have made several modeling categories to open the floodgate of opportunities. They are: Queen India, Princess India, Miss Teen Maharashtra, Miss Teen India, Queen Maharashtrachi, Princess Maharashtra, Miss Sweetheart, Grandma India, Miss Entrepreneur and International. So far, no modeling outfit or fashion company has done this bringing in virtually the women in its entirety to showcase them as the best feminine talents.

QnQ: It came, it saw & it conquered the fashion world 

Established in 2013, Queens N Queens International is a multi-dimensional fashion event management company that holds top fashion shows and beauty pageants for women of all age groups.

QnQ collaborates with international pageants such as Mrs. International, Global Elite Miss International and Mrs. Universe Ltd so as to provide a global stage for Indian women to showcase their charm, elegance, and beauty. It is engaged in activities related to women’s health and personality development has also come up with its own brand QnQ for bridal & fashion wear.

In order to spread this message amongst the young women of India, it created Princess India, a first‐of‐its‐kind beauty pageant for women of ages 19-27. With the angst and confusion of the teenage years left behind, it is during this period that a woman finally understands herself and her true place in the world. She gains the confidence to trust her abilities and the courage to follow her dreams. With Princess India, QnQ aims to bring our participants one step closer to their dreams.

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