AyurUniverse is disrupting the health & wellness travel space by offering customers a platform that allows them to search, choose and book a wellness package of their choice easily and seamlessly, without any intermediaries

In conversation with Mr Piyush Sharma, CTO, AyurUniverse, below are the excerpts

  1. What is the USP of the web portal?

A distinctive technology driven portal, offering a sophisticated platform which converges the global customer’s holistic wellness needs via various traditional medical systems of India. Built around an AWS environment, the portal offers a flexible, highly secured and scalable solution for ecommerce. Using cutting edge technologies, it offers a distinctive user experience blending personalization with customization. With a focuson creating seamless shopping experiences, the platform brings together the end customer, wellness centers and supply chain technologies across cloud and data platforms.

  1. Highlight the primary features of the platform and its solution architecture along with the roadmap incl the business flow from tech standpoint?

Deployed on managed cluster of Amazon EC2 instances and designed around scalable microservices architecture Ayuruniverse platform stitches together a number of services into something clean and very attractive. Offers a highly efficient foundation in the technology landscape when it comes to building web-scale products. A concourse for the wellness centers, the portal is a comprehensive health guide and provides a one-stop shop as a marketplace of wellness destinations to the customers. A platform, with the state-of-art technology ecosystem around cloud computing, data Analytics, and performance techniques, elastic load balancing, memory caching etc provides the best in class user experience for online shopping. A promising roadmap ahead harnessing bleeding-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, an efficient automated workflow etc promises to enhance the user experience even further along with user friendly mobile apps.

It aggregates various wellness centers, offering the partners a good reach to their customers; partners can onboard and register online along with their packages and offerings through the partner-portals. AyurUniverse has a plethora of information on multiple wellness regimes for its customers and connects them to the wellness centers across various geos.

  1. What does it offer the user? How does it work, in general terms?

A unique platform in its own, it’s a gateway to customized deals for wellness offerings, through a Live engine, chats etc thus also bringing in personal touch to the customer. Provides an online platform to evaluate and book programs along with the guidance on & access to geo-spread traditional health centers. With a commitment towards delivering smoother user experience the framework uses Amazon CloudFront’s CDN for the dynamic, static, and streaming content using a global network of edge locations. The ePlatform offers best-in-class flexibility in choosing a wellness program of one’s choice and book them online. One can use the customer reviews and ratings on the site that allows to compare and select. The website also features an informative Blog section that offers extensive information on these traditional practices and treatments.

  1. Kindly elaborate on the overall user experience.

As we fine-tune our processes and systems and scale the cloud organically, the attention on designing a sticky web portal remains as the core part of the technology strategy all through. An easy to use ePlatform makes information on alternate health options very handy. The website, designed with lot of attention on the UX / UI provides smooth navigation across the portal and call for action. Through the CDNs the requests for the content are automatically routed to the nearest edge location, so the customers are never delayed by high latency, thereby enhancing the user experience.

This also connects to various centers across countries where this healthcare is available, at comparative options and prices; one can customize the packages as per the specific needs. Also, helps the partners via digital transformation and expanding their reach to the global customers through as easy to use online platform, which is critically important for their businesses.


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