“Pepper Content is helping brands to get ‘Content-on-Demand’ to cater to their content woes” – By, Mr. Anirudh Singla, Founder and CEO, Pepper Content

  1. Pepper-Content-Founder-and-CEO-Anirudh-SinglaCan you elaborate on the newly launched Peppertype.ai and the self serve platform ?

Peppertype.ai is a tool that is AI enabled and is used to create short form copies using GPT3, based on Elon Musk’s Open.AI. The technology is combined with our proprietary algorithm which is built in-house. Peppertype.ai enables the content creators to think and create copies in an efficient manner. It is a blessing for the content industry at large including the digital marketers who can use the tool to create short ad copies. At the moment you can create short-form content like: blog idea generation, ad copies, Google ad headlines, Tweet copy ideas, LinkedIn posts, etc. All you need to do is insert a short description of your product or service and the results appear in a jiffy.

Additionally, we wanted to create a powerful and broad platform for content creators and other users, where they could further track content while using our self-serve platform. The self serve platform essentially works as a CRM system or an ecommerce platform that is a one-stop content management dashboard for users wherein they can order and track their content. It also becomes easier for them to see the expenses incurred on the content piece ordered. All in all it acts as an ecommerce platform suited for content.

  1. What is the state of content management in an enterprise Scenario ? How is Pepper Content filling the gaps ?

We firmly believe that every company is going to be a content company. Having said that, content has become the new king in the industry today. With that, brands are focusing on streamlining content management in the form of a tool, teams or a revenue stream.

The world has progressed towards Virtual reality content management systems and this space is ever-evolving with new technologies coming in. The selection of the right content management system that encompasses multiple aspects of generating and managing content is a gap that we had seen. Apart from enabling the brands to be efficient and quick, compared to its competitors, and empowering brands to align with the right set of content creators suited to the relevant industry is how we are catering to the gap.

Fuelled by technology, Pepper Content is helping brands to get ‘Content-on-Demand’ to cater to their content woes. They can get the content created, utilize the Peppertype.ai platform to generate short copies and also leverage the self-serve platform to track and manage their content needs.

Lastly, Pepper Content is trying to empower the content creators to expand their horizons and garner more work opportunities.

  1. Tell us more about the algorithm on top of which the Peppertype.ai platform is built ?

For content creators 2020 was a year of increased interest in freelancing, with many people seeking to launch their own businesses from the comfort of their own homes. Brands were in a brandwagon to be on top of their digital game. With social media marketers toiling hard everyday to create copies, marketers faced an issue with curating content for their social media needs.  This is where we decided to use GPT-3, which was developed by Open.AI.

OpenAI has been described as the most important and useful advance in AI for years which disrupted the content curation industry. Our tool PepperType.ai is aimed at empowering our large community of content creators to assist them in creating content ideas, empowering the marketing and digital agencies to generate short-text using algorithms and analytics. The tool is being incorporated into our platform to assist businesses and freelancers with a number of solutions at one place.  

  1. How is the tool helping independent content creators ?

Content creators often struggle with writer’s block. Our AI-powered tool generates content ideas within seconds, giving creators a great headstart. Additionally, filling in content calendars can be an unnecessarily challenging task. Having these ideas on your fingertips makes this just much easier. Not to mention simplifying the complex and mundane task of creating short-form content like ad copies. This allows creators to do what they do best – create great content and focus their energies where it matters.

Pepper Content is a content marketplace that is not only aimed at bridging the gap between brands and content creators, but also establishes a groundwork for creating ‘content-on-demand’ a reality. Through our tech platform, we are allowing companies to order content like an e-commerce platform, where you can buy content on-demand. What distinguishes us is our product-first approach. 

  1. Are there any plans to innovate further on the Peppertype tool ? Do we see Peppertype.ai getting integrated to a larger integrated platform any time soon ?

We are further updating the Peppertype.ai version with a lot more features and services. The upcoming version will enable users to get ‘made to fit’ copy ideas for different social media platforms. We are also looking at providing suggestions for graphic templates in the form of text to go along with the copies.

We are envisioning a platform that acts like an e-commerce platform and is end to end integrated with all the content services at one place.  The idea is to integrate peppertype seamlessly with pepper content’s offerings, so that form idea generation to content generation, delivery and tracking – can all happen within one platform. This will be beneficial for both, the brand as well as the creators to create better copies in seconds.

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