Yogaland – 100% Eco-friendly Yoga Mats & Yoga Bricks

Yoga Land manufactures 100% cotton, anti-skid Yoga mats. These are eco-friendly mats which are handcrafted with high-quality cotton yarns & finesse by Indian weavers. The mats are breathable, durable, and can be washed easily to let you maintain the hygiene levels. It comes with a cool, colorful carry bag that allows you to carry it to your yoga sessions or place it in a corner as per your needs. These are ideal for Yoga asana, floor exercises, and stretching, and it been used by yoga practitioners due to its anti-skid nature which gives it a good grip on the floor and doesn’t slip off easily while performing advanced yoga asana. These are available in various styles and colors and are priced between Rs 1200 to 1500 Rs. The brand also has a yoga mat for kids which is named Lil Chakra mats & a single mat has 4 colors in it – Orange, Yellow, Green & Blue.


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With a new wave of green consumerism in India, the demand for eco-friendly products has tremendously increased since millennial doesn’t mind paying few extra for the sustainable, recyclable products against the most standard yoga mats which are made of PVC and contain toxic chemicals dangerous to the environment.

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