Kenwood PureJuice Pro Slow Juicer – JMP800SI

Kenwood PureJuice Pro Slow Juicer - JMP800SIThe Kenwood PureJuice Pro is designed to extract every bit of goodness from even the most fibrous fruits and vegetables; every nutrient is released and preserved so that your juice looks better, lasts longer and tastes amazing. It is designed to take a variety of fruits and vegetables as they are, with its unique dual feed tube. There is no need to cut up fruit or vegetables before they go in, and the powerful 240W induction motor ensures that you get your juice in seconds. With a high extraction rate of up to 85%, PureJuice Pro works differently from standard juicers. By working at an optimal 45 rpm and reducing heat and oxidation, its scrolling technology gently presses fruits and vegetables to release nutrients in a way that preserves them. It has the capacity to produce up to one large jug (1.5 L) each time, along with collecting dry nutrient-rich pulp in a container. It also comes with anti-drip stopper to ensure no spillages or drips. Get yourself one and slow juice your way to good health.

MRP: Rs. 42,799

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