launches MakeMyWill – an online free legal Will making tool

Legal Tech Startup has launched MakeMyWill – an online Will Drafting tool, which allows users to generate a legally binding Will for free.

Through 5 simple steps comprising of basic questions, the tool helps users define how their estate should be divided after they pass away. The tool also allows users to define alternate beneficiaries, executors for their will, guardians for minor children, and even provisions to disinherit family members.

Rohan Mahajan, Founder, said, “Making a Will is something people keep putting off, since no one wants to think about death, and most believe their family will divide the assets amicably, which is rarely the case. We are intrigued by the number of harrowed clients calling us to fight against their brothers and sisters, just because their parents inadvertently did not write a Will. Siblings battle it out in courts for decades just due to the absence of that one document that their parents could have written so easily.”

According to 2016 Survey by civil society organisation Daksh, over 53% of civil cases in India are against family members. Property disputes to top the list among cases filed in the consumer courts.

In India, there are separate religious laws that govern the Will Laws. It includes Indian Succession Act, 1925, Hindu Law, Muslim Law and Indian Registration Act, 1908.

Under Hindu Succession Act, if there is no will, all the assets and liabilities of the deceased person are distributed among his/her legal heirs on the basis of their closeness with the deceased. It is applicable on Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs etc.

LawRato’s MakeMyWill tool allows user to generate a simple, legally binding will for free. One of the most common Will formats include leaving everything to the spouse, and in case of his/her death, to divide everything equally among the children. Such a Will can be generated within 5 minutes using the tool. More specific wishes, like leaving a specific asset to a beneficiary, or giving money to charity can also be easily incorporated.

Nikhil Sarup , CTO, said, “The service is free, as we want more people to make a will and avoid legal hassles later. We kept the common man in mind, making the tool really simple to use, and allow easy access from mobile devices.”

The generated Will document has been extensively reviewed by multiple lawyers, to ensure it is legally binding.  After entering their data, users can download a copy of the Will, sign it along with 2 attesting witnesses, and the Will is legally valid. A Will may be registered at the local SDM office, but it is not a mandatory requirement.

When it comes to making a Will , most people keep putting off thinking that they will make a “perfect will” when “the time comes”. We want to remove the barriers and make it as convenient for people to protect their legacy, and the rights of their loved ones.

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