FADA Dealer Satisfaction Study 2022: MG Motor India is amongst the top 3 automotive brands

MG Motor India has retained its position amongst the top 3 automotive brands in India in terms of dealer satisfaction, as per a recent study conducted by the Federation of Automotive Dealers Association (FADA).

According to the recent edition of the study, MG scored 792 points with an increment of 14 points from previous year’s score. The carmaker surpassed this year’s average dealer satisfaction score of 719 points by a margin of 73 points.

MG Motor has consistently remained one of the top brands providing superior dealer satisfaction. The FADA study had ranked the carmaker among the top 3 auto companies last year as well, with a score of 778.

The FADA Dealer Satisfaction Study is carried out every year by the federation to assess the level of satisfaction the dealer partners of automotive companies in India have for their respective original equipment manufacturers. The scores are awarded by taking key factors into account such as the range of models, product reliability, vehicle delivery time and turnaround time for parts, among others.

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Team MG is extremely content at the revelations made by the study, and will continue to strengthen its commitment to deliver the most advanced and safest auto experiences to its customers.

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