Viu set to launch musical drama Spotlight 2 on 26th January

Viu, the premium video-on-demand platform by Vuclip, a PCCW media company announced the launch of Spotlight 2 making this a franchise of the successful Viu Originals series Spotlight. Presented in association with known writer and director Vikram Bhatt, the theme of the franchise is a running series that captures the rise, fall and resurrection of a music superstar.

An intense and stormy romance between two headstrong people on the opposite ends of the spectrum – Spotlight 2 explores the exasperating reality of being a music celebrity. The series is being directed by Siddhant Sachdeva and will feature popular television actor Karan V Grover along with two dazzling former Miss India’s , Aditi Arya and Ruhi Singh. Focusing on compelling content offered in a contemporary setting, the series will feature more than 7 originally composed tracks brought to life by soulful musicians Harish Sanganay, Ankit Shah and other popular artists. The show goes live on Viu (Both App and The Web) from 26th January 2018.


Based on the buzzing music industry in Mumbai, Spotlight 2 is a story of a talented but flamboyant musician, Vicky, who is on the verge of career-suicide. His hard work and melodious voice helped him climb the ladder of success in the music industry in a very short span of time. But his arrogance, drug addiction and utter disregard for the industry and his fans brings him crashing down. The story is the journey of this lost character with a heart of gold trying to connect back with his music with the help of his ex-girlfriend and how he rises back from the fall.

Speaking on the launch of Spotlight franchise, Manasi Sapre, Head of Programming, Viu India said, “At Viu, we focus on creating compelling content and a viewing experience that captivates our audience and is relatable at the same time. We are able to provide this content because we associate with extremely capable and talented people from all walks of life. With Spotlight 2, we celebrate the great journey we have taken on with Vikram Bhatt. We are excited to launch the Spotlight franchise and in the upcoming months, you will see a lot more original shows from Viu that will surely going to excite the audience.”

Speaking on the release of Spotlight 2, Vikram Bhatt says, “When Spotlight 1 was a success, I was confident I will make another one. Spotlight 2 chronicles a musician’s journey as he falls to fame, and then, strives to make a comeback. A story that encapsulates the loneliness that stardom brings along with the glitz and glamour in the life of a superstar. And the story is very apt for the digital platform. Today, the first screen of preference is the cell phone so it was only natural that I present this franchise to the audience on the web.”

The 13 episode series which can be binged watched on 26th January 2018, will mark the launch of the twelfth original series by Viu. With shows like Gehraiyaan, PillA, Pelli Gola and Social, Viu is ceaselessly introducing refreshing concepts combined with gripping scripts and revered talent to ensure an exhilarating viewing experience for their viewers. Since its successful launch in India last year, Viu has witnessed exponential growth in terms of the audience base and engagement.

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