LG Refrigerator retains its position as a market leader since 2009

Since 2009, LG has been the market leader for Refrigerators in India according to reports. LG has been one of true pioneers of innovation for the Refrigerator, especially in India. They have consistently provided convenient and smart solutions with innovation at its peak, to equally contribute towards the growth of the industry. In recent times, the demand in the market is shifting towards healthy and fresh food. LG’s unique innovations in maintaining freshness through its various features, has helped it secure trust and confidence among its loyal customers.

The Indian consumer durables market has had a steady growth in the last few years, attributed to growing demand and changing lifestyles. To fight this fierce competition, various brands have released misleading information which announces them as ‘No. 1’ in the Refrigerator market for a very short period. However, LG has maintained its position as market leader throughout, as a reliable consumer-driven company which listens to its customer constant needs and demands.

Product line up developed based on Indian insights has been the key behind maintaining consistent leadership. Energy efficiency has been key parameter; LG has shifted its entire refrigerator range to inverter linear compressor technology that ensures 51% energy saving. The refrigerators have the linear cooling and frost-free technology, which maintains a steady temperature inside the system, keeping the food fresh with a variance of a limited +0.5 °C. A Hygiene Caring System in LG refrigerators also circulates fresh air every minute with a four-stage filtering system.

These benefits are important to keep in mind and help determine the home products you buy and invest in. A healthy lifestyle is very important in today’s times, especially in the wake of deadly viruses quickly spreading around the world through agile modes of transportation. Additionally, LG’s innovative technologies, especially in its Refrigerator range curates’ various features in its products that helps you maintain a fresh, bacteria-free healthy life. With its budget friendly models, LG has solidified its position as an accessible brand to the expanding Indian market.

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