Save 25% water in every wash with Whirlpool 5 Star-Rated Washing Machines

Whirlpool of India, constantly thrives to offer solutions that are meaningful and advanced while ensuring they are environmentally friendly. Their widest range of washing machines save 25% water with every wash and comes with a 5-star energy rating which is in line with the company’s philosophy of saving energy and water.

KG Singh, Vice President-Marketing, Whirlpool of India said, “Whirlpool is a brand that is not only trying to enable caregivers to take care of their families, we are also doing our bit to enable care for natural resources. Water scarcity is an unfortunate reality in India and being water efficient is not only a convenience but also our responsibility. In this light, we are happy to leverage our deep knowledge and global expertise to launch the widest range of 5 Star range of Semi-Automatic and Top Load Washing Machines that save 25%* water.”

The 5-star rating comes in top load fully automatic and semi-automatic variants, featuring over 100 different washing machine models starting from Rs.9000 onwards. Consumers expect washing machines to have the latest technology to give the best wash quality, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

Staying true to its testimony of caring for its community and environment, Whirlpool washing machines come with eco-friendly and energy efficient technologies like 6th Sense Technology, Hotmatic Technology and Eco Wash Cycle. These technologies ensure water is used less by recirculating and spraying on the clothes from 3 unique spray nozzles during wash and rinse.

On this World Water Day Whirlpool ensures we save water and energy while doing our laundry. Whirlpool washing machines – Ace XL and Bloomwash Pro have also been awarded with the prestigious iF Design Award, that celebrates outstanding performance with design excellence.

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