Free Virtual OPD for Home Quarantined Covid-19 patients in India

In light of the current healthcare emergency in the country, a virtual Out Patient Department (OPD) is now open for Covid-19 patients nationwide, free of charge called The initiative, driven by a group of Non-profit organizations, doctors and technology partners under the guidance of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), is now live through this link ( 

Companies driving this initiative include:  Rotary Club Of India, Aarogya India Foundation , Manav Mitra  NGO  and supported by Technology Partners  like MySenior Doctors,  I-Novate and Avaya.

This video consultation service, based on Avaya’s collaboration app, Avaya Spaces, is today used by more than 1000 volunteer doctors across the nation. I-Novate customized the solution to enable doctors and patients to connect directly in secure and private virtual rooms. Keeping the urgency in mind, this app was created within 7 days and during the trial phase in the past one week, 163 registered doctors provided consultation to around 900 patients. The virtual OPD is open from 9Am till 9PM for Covid-19 patients only who can walk in and avail free consultation from a doctor without scheduling appointments.

With MedicSetu having proven its ability to lessen the demand on hospitals, the plan now is to expand the service to across 300 cities with over 2000 doctors on-board. Doctors who have been verified by the supporting NGOs and have been registered, can connect with the patients one by one and communicate through video conferences.

MedicSetu aims to optimize the spare time of doctors for Video/Tele-Consultation for Home Quarantine patients from privacy and safety of their home, so that they get the comfort and assurance that “Someone is Watching as an Angel”. Through this initiative Doctors are contributing voluntarily in association with different groups to help those who are not able to visit, afford or reach out to other establishments. The initiative is driven by the spirit of cooperation and contribution of doctors, NGOs, Self Help Groups, Federations, Society, Volunteers, and others.

The team is further searching for more organizations to join them in this noble effort and assist them in recruiting more doctors to cater to the patients’ needs. The severity of the second wave of the pandemic has been such that it has strained healthcare infrastructure massively, this initiative is to share the burden and provide help to patients in real time.

Steps to connect with a doctor on MedicSetu:

  • Select OPD
  • Click on Consult Now
  • Feed information including

a. Patient’s Name
b. Phone Number
c. Age
d. Temperature
e. Oxygen level

  • Click on reCAPTCHA
  • Click on Consult Now

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