Timex India employee builds an in-house disinfectant chamber and automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

Joining the efforts to combat the ongoing global pandemic, a Timex India employee has designed a disinfectant sanitization chamber and an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser at his home in Pinjore, Haryana. The employee, Mr. Saurabh Sinha has been passionate about electronics, automation, micro controllers and technology since a very young age. He has been associated with Timex Group since 2007, handling spares planning at Baddi, the Timex factory in Himachal Pradesh.

It is imperative to stay sanitised and keep oneself away from harm’s way as the world fights the ongoing pandemic; the chamber created by Mr. Saurabh is a step towards the kind of sanitization that’s become necessary as of today. Built with the limited resources at hand, the walkthrough enclosure is designed for personnel decontamination of one person at a time. It includes a portable system equipped with an automatic hand sanitizer at the entry after which the body decontamination begins. After entering the chamber, an electrically operated pump will create a disinfectant mist of 1% *Sodium Hypochlorite solution. The mist spray is calibrated for the operation of 25 seconds and stops automatically indicating completion of the operation with Audio and Visual Alert.

The tunnel is equipped with infrared detectors that are harmless to the human body and that automatically activate the spray from misters when a person enters thus limiting the wastage. Versions of these tunnels are already up and running at various places in the country. These tunnels spray a mist of sodium hypochlorite solution, a chlorine compound often used as a disinfectant or a bleaching agent, as you pass through them. The Sodium hypochlorite mist is a component of commercial bleaches and cleaning solutions and used as a disinfectant in drinking and waste water purification systems and swimming pools.

The chamber is not only a precautionary application whose aim is to provide hygiene and disinfection but also a testimony to the kind of efforts that are being taken by people to safeguard themselves and other from the virus.

Commenting on the invention, Mr. Ajay Dhyani, Head Marketing at Timex India said, “We are proud of Mr. Saurabh’s endeavour to present a novel solution to the world’s current battle against COVID-19. His effort is not only an inspiration during such testing times but is also aimed at motivating everyone to carry on the ‘We don’t stop’ spirit in their own way.”

Timex sanitizer dispenser

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