An automated platform to open your own digital school – Meet Teachee

Meet-TeacheeThe age of social media and global connections has created an opportunity to capitalize on your knowledge, skills, and passion. It enables you to share your expertise with students from India and around the world, letting you create your own side-gig or full-time job from home. Some of the major problems people face while creating their online business presence is the high cost for website and apps, followed by the time, discipline and technology that is required to then maintain the website’s operations. But with Teachee’s simple and unique interface, it only takes 5 minutes to set up your business website and app in a more cost-effective manner. This allows you to spend your time more efficiently in other aspects like marketing, branding, social media, course curriculum, content creation, and much more.

Most edtech platforms are time-consuming, have complex user interfaces that non-digitally savvy people or not all people of different ages can comprehend and work on. You must have seen posts and videos on social media of teachers who have been in the profession for many years having difficulties with even a Zoom call and keeping their students attentive during the class. But with Teachee, all this changes as not only is the platform automated but user-friendly, cost-effective, easy to update and comes with great customer service operations.

It has a perfect in-app integration with Zoom that allows for smooth interaction, customized feature selection which enables users to personalize & configure services according to their needs including customized templates & white-label brands, SEO configuration, push notifications, blog and in-app digitized services. One unique feature is the Acquisition Test which can enable you to attract more learners to the course with this unique marketing tool. By providing an easy yet compelling test to your prospective students that can be shared via your online content or blogs, this can engage them to register to your course to view your professional analysis.

When it comes to security, the Teachee platform enables you to keep your content safe & under copyright by letting you watermark content, limiting simultaneous access to content, and providing safety from screen recording and screenshots. It also has daily data backup, DRM encryption, HTTPS, and multi-user access control. The application is available on IOS & Android.

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