Udemy releases workplace learning trends for India in the 3rd quarter

Udemy Business has released the Workplace Learning Trends Report highlighting learning trends for the corporate world.

Udemy Business analyzes the consumption of courses on its platform by the employees of its thousands of enterprise customers – and identifies the course themes that have grown the most in consumption, both globally and by country. The research can help leaders and employees alike identify skills as they gain momentum, and upskill with timely courses needed to stay ahead of the curve.

Throughout the third quarter, some skills were repeated in the monthly lists for India, including Cellular Networking, SAP BW and NestJS. Other courses that saw increases in consumption included Google Cloud Pro Architect and FortiGate.  

Course themes that grew the most in consumption in India




GRE 795%

SAP BW 861%

FortiGate 418%

Cellular Networking 265%

NestJS 213%

SAP BW 263%

Google Cloud Pro Architect 264%

Cellular Networking 203%

NestJS 180%


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