Unacademy Launches Competitive Programming with CodeChef

Unacademy has launched a Competitive Programming subscription with the leading global programming community platform, CodeChef. The course will focus on competitive programming and will be taught by Top Educators in the field, via interactive Live Classes in English and Hindi on the Unacademy platform. Unacademy took over the custodianship of CodeChef in June2020

The Live Classes for Competitive Programming are designed to cater to all Learners, from beginners to those in advanced stages, those looking to improve their skills for international programming competitions and those focused on building a career in the field. The Live Classes will be accompanied by doubt resolution by Educators and the recordings of these classes will be available for viewing, post the session. Along with Educators, Learners will have access to Teaching Assistants (TA’s), who will help solve doubts, clarify concepts, and assist students in their queries via discussion forums. The TA’s will also provide periodic feedback to students, in order to help create a more personalised learning experience.

The course also includes practice sessions to help test and improve the Learner’s programming skills. With up to 100 hours of new content every month from the best of Competitive Programmers, Learners will be able to choose between monthly and longer term subscriptions.

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