ViewSonic Launches myViewBoard Classroom for the “New Normal” in Education

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, announces the launch of myViewBoard Classroom. As an online browser-based education platform within the myViewBoard ecosystem, myViewBoard Classroom is a purpose-built solution designed with the teacher in mind first, rather than technology lead philosophy to assist educators in this new era of hybrid learning. The launch of myViewBoard Classroom comes as schools grapple with reopening schools and what that new reality will look like. Whether educators are in the classroom, teaching from home, or reaching students via a combination of both methods, hybrid learning techniques will continue to play an essential role given the “new normal” in education. myViewBoard Classroom comes with the low bandwidth feature which works well on low internet connectivity as well. In a developing nation like India where internet could be a hindrance in conducting online classes, myViewBoard comes to the rescue.

myViewBoard Classroom is a collaborative tool for delivering education content that enables visual learning, and participation for a full class, individuals, or groups of students. It is ideal for traditional front of class teaching, flipped classrooms, blended teaching pedagogy, and online learning. With the ability to conduct group collaboration, manage a virtual classroom with video conferencing tools, and secure user participation, myViewBoard Classroom provides an engaging and collaborative learning environment.

myViewBoard Classroom comes complete with a digital whiteboard canvas, to prepare and present content in real-time. Teachers control when students can ask questions, or make comments, as well as manage who may display their screens to the class for presentations. Student participation is encouraged via the Hand Raise push-to-talk feature and student access to remote writing tools. Independent breakout group discussions are made possible with virtual grouping, allowing real-time annotation and quizzes. Additionally, a low bandwidth feature ensures functions perform well, even when the Internet connection is weak.

“Due to the global pandemic, it has become necessary to avoid physical contact with people around and to maintain distance from each other. The pandemic has changed the way our daily lives used to function and now everybody is moving towards a ’new normal’. We at ViewSonic decided to develop a hybrid teaching tool that provides teachers and students a virtual space to keep going during the pandemic and offers teachers the capabilities to continue teaching and inspiring their students to learn regardless of their location and the current situation. The education sector is one of the worst-hit sectors in this pandemic, and to ensure it doesn’t affect the education system, the best and only option is virtual/online learning,” said Mr. Eric Wei, Senior Sales Director Asia Pacific.

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