The Beauty Co. launches its very own ‘Chocolate Coffee’ range

The Beauty Co., a premium Indian skincare and grooming brand has launched their own custom-made Chocolate Coffee range of products. The range includes The Beauty Co. Chocolate Coffee Face Wash, Face Scrub, Face Mask, Body Wash, Body Scrub and Body Butter providing a magical skincare regime that promises youthful, energized, and glowing skin.

The Beauty Co.’s Chocolate Coffee range is a divine amalgamation of natural products that provide an honest detoxifying, hydrating and moisturizing solution to solve all skin woes. The presence of organic ingredients Robusta seed coffee extract, Theobroma cacao powder (cocoa), Walnut shell powder, Coconut oil, Sweet almond oil, Argan oil, Vitamin E oil, Himalayan pink rock salt, Sheer butter, Aloe vera, Glycerin, Cucumber extract helps in brightening and energizing dull skin, unclogs pores, protects the skin from sudden breakouts and tanning, smoothens skin texture by making it soft and supple, soothes skin irritation and inflammation as well as reduces possible signs of ageing.

Suraj Vazirani said, ‘We are thrilled to launch our latest custom-made Chocolate Coffee range. At The Beauty Co., products are well researched, carefully crafted and mindfully made with love to suit every consumer’s needs and preferences. Made from natural ingredients, these products are pure, gentle, no-fuss-easy-to-use. As always, the new range promises to give our beloved consumers ‘The Care You Deserve!’

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