Sirona forays into Fem-Tech – launches India’s First Period Tracker on WhatsApp

India’s feminine hygiene brand, Sirona launched India’s first Period Tracker on WhatsApp which will help menstruators track their periods. With the launch of this feature, Sirona will provide a key utility to all menstruators literally at their fingertips. WhatsApp has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives with users spending over 18.6 hours in a month on the platform. It offers benefits of quick connectivity and convenience, making it a preferred channel for engagement even for brands. Offering a key feature like period tracking that all menstruators need, Sirona is offering another service in this category as a part of its efforts to create an ecosystem around menstrual health and hygiene. Sirona already offers a range of feminine hygiene products that solve problems in the period, intimate and toilet hygiene space.

Menstruators today lead a very active lifestyle, and like to plan their lifestyle and days ahead. The easy-to-use WhatsApp Period Tracking tool will help menstruators across demographics and geographies to keep a tab on their periods just by sending a “Hi” to the Sirona WhatsApp Business Account on 9718866644. Once the user enters basic details about their periods and last period details, the chatbot will keep a record and share reminders and upcoming cycle dates as per request. It runs on a super-intuitive chatbot interface technology that makes the experience smooth and engaging for the user.

The Period tracker can be used to track three goals – track periods, conceive, and avoid pregnancy.

Deep Bajaj, Co-founder and CEO of Sirona Hygiene Pvt. Ltd said, “Technology has the potential to alter the lives of menstruators, and we are using it to create a better environment and community for them to connect and flourish. We leverage the power of AI and intuitive technology to offer ease of access to our users through the WhatApp that has become an integral part of our lives.”

Sirona also recently launched the Sirona App that offers a complete ecosystem for menstruators around menstrual health and hygiene. The App offers e-commerce, educational content, community engagement and an in-built period tracker. The “Sisterhood” community is a safe place for them to discuss matters close to their heart without the fear of being judged. It is an open platform to post experiences, queries and solutions, providing our Sisterhood experience to share all needs intimate. The “Intimately Yours” blog provides information and takes on important topics in the intimate hygiene and wellness segment.

Many women still don’t feel comfortable talking openly about intimate hygiene and menstruation. This well-researched pool of wisdom covers a length of issues concerning menstruators on their journey from puberty to menopause.

Speaking on the app launch, Deep Bajaj adds, “This app aims to become the one-stop-shop for all intimate and menstrual needs as well as create education, awareness and utility and making menstrual hygiene accessible on-the-go.”

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