“Business of Esports is very similar to the business of traditional Sports” – By, Mr. Ishaan Arya – Co Founder & Head of Business Development, The Esports Club

The-Esports-Club-Co-Founder-&-Head-of-Business-Development-Ishaan-AryaOnline gaming has undergone a massive change, especially in the wake of COVID-19 lockdowns. How do you look at this emerging trend, especially in the context of esports?

Gaming & Esports witnessed a lot of growth during COVID-19 lockdowns due to the online nature of the industry. The increased focus on online activities helped esports gain a lot more mainstream attention driving greater awareness and growth; I expect esports to continue on that trajectory.

Can you please tell us about the whole business of esports, its market size and opportunities in India?

Business of Esports is very similar to the business of traditional Sports. It is primarily for spectators. As the spectators in this space grow, the category grows. In India we at TEC estimate that we have around 40M Esport viewership and the size is growing in double digits year over year.

The demographics of Esports is also different than actual gamers. They are a matured set of audience and hence brands and advertisers target esports for their marketing objectives.

Age Players Viewers
12-17 34% 10%
18-24 63% 62%
24-34 3% 17%
35+ 0% 11%


Do you think India has a huge potential mobile market to tap into esports?

Being one of the largest Mobile markets in the world definitely helps on the esports front, India automatically has a massive player base as well as pool of potential viewers. Globally, Indian viewership for Mobile Esports titles like PUBG and Free Fire is one of the highest so it’s definitely a positive sign.

What exactly The Esports Club do and how is it contributing to this emerging tech revolution?

The Esports Club is one of the largest Esports Organizers in all of South Asia. We currently run some of the largest events for games like Valorant and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege; while also helping organize events for top brands and publishers.

How many games and tournaments do you offer on your platform and how have been their responses?

We’ve organized dozens of large-scale events and many more small-scale events across games like Valorant, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, FIFA 21, etc. All our events usually hit the maximum participant capacity and our Valorant event; The TEC Gauntlet is the number 1 event in the region in terms of participation and also one of the most watched PC esports events in the region.

How has been the business so far for The Esports Club in the last few months? What are your expectations post COVID-19 era?

From a business standpoint, we continue to grow and expand. We’ve already surpassed our 2020 Revenue within just 6 months of the new financial year and our participation and viewership are increasing every single month. Our focus is to continue developing both existing and new esports IPs while also expanding our revenue verticals within the company.

What innovations and diversifications are you doing to stay ahead of the curve in India, which is a highly competitive market?

Esports still requires a lot of awareness. So, working with the right influencers, developing a robust PR strategy and an engaging social media and content strategy are key in reaching more and more people.

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