5 Must have Fitness Equipment in your Home Workout Regime

Are you the one who is still stuck in your busy work from a home schedule where you have no clue how many hours you might have to work, and due to this, you are giving an absolute hold to your health and fitness regime? There’s never been a better time to set up a home gym than this very moment, and for obvious reasons that for us, Your Health Comes First.

These five workout essentials will help you sweat it out at home. Pick and choose from our curated list of equipment that you can rely on to be your best friend or partner in this Journey.

1. TREAD One – TREAD One – Are you still confused thinking about what to buy for your home fitness? TREAD has the best solution as it provides an immersive fitness experience through a Full HD (1920*1080) rotatable screen that allows you to have a seamless life-like workout experience straight from their studios. TREAD One integrates hardware, software and content to encourage different forms of workouts at the comfort of your home. With innovative technology, it aims to provide an immersive workout experience for its consumers of all age groups inculcating a habit of fitness into their modern lives, making it a predominant part of their lifestyle. It provides the best Live streaming, on-demand videos with leaderboards along with experts helping you at every step. TREAD is on a mission to bring holistic and challenging workouts in a more accessible and efficient way for everyone.

2. Pull Up bar – This CROSS TRAINING PULL UP BARS from Decathlon are best for your home workout to strengthen your upper body. This exercise targets most of the upper body muscles such as biceps, forearms, and shoulder muscles and helps build strong muscles without lifting heavyweights. Being a joint exercise will improve functional strength and make your nervous system stronger; having a good pull up bar for home is beyond inevitable to extract the most out of the exercise. Buy your Decathlon pull up bar online today!

3. Rowing Machine – If it’s difficult for you to still step out because of your busy schedule of working from home, the best equipment that could be your friend is an Aerofit Steel Af 7103 Rowing Machine, which can quickly help you help endurance strengthen and tone the muscles. It helps to burn many of your calories and gives a touch of aerobic fitness too.

4. Dumbells – Yes, one of the easiest and standard home equipment which has not just one but thousands of benefits coming its way, this Aurion Matrix2 PVC Coated Dumbbell will be your partner if you’re into muscle building and has Multifunctional, which can even be part of your complete set of weight training. Fix dumbbells are used to form a dumbbell, which is safer without loosening plating.

5. INTEY – Pull up Assist Band Exercise Resistance Bands-This Intey Stretch bands offers effective strength-training. Workout for your arms, back, shoulders, legs, and butt all at once with a mobility band, perfect for body stretching, powerlifting, resistance training, yoga, and physical therapy to help strengthen torn ligaments or muscles. Pull up assistance bands are even used for most muscle rehabilitation and usually do not require a partner to support you, and you can surely count on them when planning to spend your penny on the home workout.

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