INOX has rolled out the concept of Private Screenings

INOX has launched exclusive friends and family private cinema experiences at its operational cinemas across the country, providing an additional way to enjoy the grand cinema experience with handpicked content in an exclusive and personalized manner, while maintaining social distancing. With this service, guests can reserve an entire INOX auditorium for a private show, entirely for their family members and friends.

INOX has rolled out the concept of Private Screenings, where a smaller group of friends and family members can book an entire auditorium, for as less as Rs 2,999/- across any operational location across the country.

This exclusively curated experience may be availed by the guests at the date and time of their choice, at any of the operational INOX cinemas across the country. To make it more memorable affair, INOX would allow the guests making the booking to choose the content of their choice, either from the current play list, or an old blockbuster.

Talking about the latest innovation by INOX’s Chief Marketing Officer Saurabh Varma said, “Cinemas have been providing a mental escape to millions since decades, and would continue to do so in the post-pandemic world. We believe that a large segment of our audiences would feel more comfortable enjoying a movie, with just their family members and friends, or even by themselves. Driven by our desire to offer the best and the most unique experiences to our guests, we are excited to roll out the private screening services. Private screenings will allow us to delight our guests with highly personalized and exclusive experiences, with date and time of their choice, co-audiences of their choice and content of their choice.”

INOX believes that the new and innovative offering full of delights, would be safe and secure, and will become a new way of celebrating special occasions. With simple and easy pricing, and a convenient booking process, INOX aims to curate memorable banqueting experiences with features like a welcome by the cinema team, welcome message on the screen and even the choice of photography and cake on demand.

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