Social streaming platform FLYX introduces Sharelist feature for users

FLYX launched an exciting and innovative feature called Sharelist on its platform. The new feature will enable users to share recommendations of movies and shows with their friends and family and across social media platforms in real-time. The feature is available for both Android and iOS users.

Users can easily create a Share list by selecting their favourite movies and shows, giving it a unique name, and then share it in their groups. The lists can either be shared on FLYX or any other social platform such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. With Sharelist, users can drop comments, tag their friends, add more movies or shows, and even use hashtags on their posts.  Starting a discussion with your friends around the list is also very easy, be it Shahrukh’s best to worst films or debating whether Shrek2 is the greatest sequel of all time and later challenging them to find a better one. If you like what your friends have to say, you can even change the list in real-time. With Sharelist, users can start conversations and never run out of things to watch again making the experience extremely enjoyable and engaging.

Shashank Singh, Founder and CEO, FLYX, said, “FLYX has always focused on the social experience of consuming OTT content whether its movies or shows. With the explosion of content on OTT platforms in today’s times, even the platform engines are not always able to discover and throw up recommended content for viewers to watch. We, as avid viewers, always have a watch list of movies and shows that we want to recommend and share with other viewers. From intriguing crime sagas, fiery web shows to sci-fi action movies, we are all content connoisseurs in our own way. With this feature, it has given users another opportunity to make watching OTT content an even more enriching and engaging experience.”

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