Fun2 unveils brand new logo and identity

Fun2Fun2 is a free social media video-sharing platform made in India for Indian audiences. Gearing up for the launch, they have unveiled their brand-new logo that symbolizes the camera frame, which is seen while shooting videos.

It is a representation of the media that captures the creativity of content creators, freedom of expression, and the need to share it with the world. The inspiration behind the new identity is this amalgamation of values and elements highlighting Fun2’s vision and mission to help creators become influencers.

Based on a content-first and a creator-driven business philosophy, the Indian social media startup aims to celebrate the rich diversity and depth of the Indian culture and heritage.  The platform provides a unique opportunity for content creators to post and share videos spanning multiple genres or talents. It helps them further explore their art, start new trends, and build a community of followers.

“At Fun2, we aim to become India’s leading social media video-sharing platform that lets people share their creative expressions in the form of short and long videos. A platform that helps everyone celebrate the country’s rich culture and diversity through their creativity and craft. Our logo exactly captures these small elements and underlines Fun2’s commitment to providing a unique and a respectable platform to anyone who wishes to showcase their talent, become influencers, or support others who have something to say,” said Rahul Bhattacharya, Co-Founder & Director – Strategy, Fun2.

Apart from promising non-stop entertainment, the platform offers multiple benefits to content creators, depending upon the level of engagement with their followers. Additionally, a unique program is in the works that will allow content creators to build communities around their creative pursuits and possibly derive commercial and other benefits based on their engagement levels.

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