Plonk Real-time Parking App now available in Bangalore

Bangalore, India, February 15, 2016: Plonk is a real-time parking App that helps users discover parking spaces in the city, and also allows real estate owners to rent out available spaces to create more parking spots in the city. Plonk not only offers users a useful service and land owners a novel business offering, it also recognizes that the solution to traffic congestion and inadequate parking facilities in urban India is a multidimensional one whose resolution will require the collective action of the entire community.

By allowing individuals and organizations of all types to list their unused parking spots and providing users a means to find and access these parking locations, Plonk provides the means for a community driven marketplace that will end the woes caused by illegal roadside parking, and improve an important aspect in the quality of urban life.


Bangalore is a gridlock, and traffic congestion has become increasingly a lifestyle problem.  The commercial and residential space within the city has increased considerably leaving very little window for long term traffic management solutions. Authorities responsible for the city infrastructure, citizen welfare have not been able to arrive at a long-term common vision to the planning, optimization and utilization of resources.  Start-Ups like Plonk conceived by young entrepreneurs have lot more to offer, contribute to the management and decongestion of traffic in the city by allowing the community as a whole to play a role in solving the problem.  Plonk is an inviting potential grab for Government / bureaucratic bodies to join innovative solutions/ company/ product.

Plonk real-time parking app is one such solution that will address one of many concerns with regard to the urban traffic management.  Plonk real-time mobile app enables customers/users to easily search for parking spot at a required location.  Plonk facilitates users to pick up spot of preference based on choice of parking fee.  Having GPS integrated,Plonk also navigates users with directions to the point of destination.  “Real-time” feature allows customers to gauge availability of spots and plan their day.  Once the customer is around the parking spot; they can click on the QR code and the parking meter begins.  While exiting, the customer is made to choose the convenient payment method and call it a day.

Creating Parking Space in the city is another business opportunity that Plonk offers to House Owners who own real estate space that can accommodate one or two or more vehicles for parking.  House Owners can list their space with Plonk, who will equip them with an orientation kit, which includes safety, security and tracking processes.  This model not only opens financial benefit but also gives prospects to decongest the neighbourhood organically; and eliminate unorganized on-street/ on the road parking.

According to Arjun Jairaj, the CEO of Plonk, “Urbanisation and increasing affluence have advanced the desire for a better lifestyle among Indians. This is partially reflected in the number of cars being added to our streets. Soaring real estate prices and the limited scope for town planning authorities to provide designated parking locations necessitates that new avenues be created to address the issue of growing traffic malaise. A long term solution to managing parking will need the involvement of the urban community as a whole. Plonk provides a platform that gives numerous stakeholders ranging from private homes to commercial buildings to provide parking spaces when they are unused, and thereby provide a public good and earn income at the same time. A lasting solution also requires that parking users forego roadside parking and instead, use Plonk to find better parking options.”

Plonk is currently available for users in Bangalore, a startup mobile application growing and evolving each day. Being at a nascent stage, we have been witnessing a surge in the number of Users joining our community every day. As a burgeoning fraternity, we encourage our parking real estate providers and parking users to collaborate and partner with us in our efforts to make Plonk a success in Bangalore.

Plonk expresses its gratitude to all their early patrons and one of the first few parking space listers with Plonk Dr. Niranjan, Practitioner and a Land Owner in Bangalore thoughts are “It is the responsibility of every citizen in Bangalore to contribute in decongesting the roads and the key to that is providing appropriate parking facilities. While venturing out in the city with the family and not able to participate events due to traffic blocks have been some disappointing experiences. We came across Plonk, an idea by young people like Arjun, Balram and John who have this wonderful appreciative mobile app that can be embraced by the entire city. It has a fantastic business opportunity for Bangalore real estate owners at the same time provide car owners easy parking space and reduce illegal parking.”

Plonk was conceived, inspired by a model catching up in advanced/ western countries where residential parking became prevalent.  Unused parking in residential buildings was rented out for a fee, which attracted customers who were looking for inexpensive, not so crowded and unusual spots.

The plight of traffic, infrastructure, parking, space scarcity in Bangalore is a challenge and Plonk has thoroughly researched and explained the business proportion to real-estate house owners in the city.  Today Plonk has 800 spaces listed with them in CBD and around Bangalore.

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