Charting The Uncharted: Story Of a Steely Leadership By- Mr. Neh Srivastava, Under Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs and President, CSSOS

Neh-SrivastavaThe sign of a great leader is to have a lasting legacy that transcends beyond him/her. The call by Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to celebrate his birthday not by cutting cake but by dedicating oneself to “Sewa” towards society, speaks volumes about his leadership.

If we analyse his style of leadership and have to pick one overarching characteristic, I would say it is the courage to tread a path where no one dared to go before. Take for example, the abrogation of Article 370. It was considered too risky a thing to take up by successive Governments. Still PM Modi had the courage and tenacity to go full throttle and take unprecedented decisions. The ramifications can be debated but his courage can’t. Demonetisation, Balakot all have been tough decisions taken at a time in which, had they gone wrong, would have become electoral disasters. But he took them, ensured implementation and finally they paved off electorally also. The political will he has shown over his tenure is remarkable and has contributed to changing the perception of India

While Modi 1.0 has been about strengthening India in all spheres: whether it is India’s standing in the world or changing the posture vis-à-vis Pakistan, the 100 days of Modi 2.0 has been about taking giant leaps and charting into uncharted territories. Abrogation of Article 370, extending line of credit to Russia for development of its Far East or aiming for a $5 trillion economy or envisioning piped water supply to every household, it is all about moonshots and not just another cricketing shot. The path can be difficult, paid of challenges, the goals might not be fully achieved or not achieved in time but the fact that political establishment has set audacious goals marks a shift in the way things work in India.

However, as we look into the future, there are challenges. The economic scenario is looking challenging which is raising concerns, there is challenge of bringing back complete normalcy and subsequently development in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and many others. However, leadership has to stand up to the challenges, bite the bullet and solve complex problems. PM Modi’s leadership generates hope that these challenges will be met and paves way for making a New India.

(The views expressed in this article are by Mr. Neh Srivastava, Under Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs and President, doesn’t own any responsibility for it.)

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