Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance launches i-SERV, a video-based customer service initiative

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance announced the launch of i-SERV: a first-of-its-kind video calling service within the life insurance industry. i-SERV is designed to enhance the customer experience and provide swift resolutions to their queries. Once a customer walks into a branch all they need to do is head to the video booth (kiosk) and connect with a Bajaj Allianz Life customer service representative on a video call. A tablet-enabled service, with both voice and video facility, i-SERV offers a wide range of services and covers almost all the transactions currently offered at a branch physically. This service is available to customers across 125 Bajaj Allianz Life branches in 112 cities.

Speaking at the launch, Kayzad Hiramanek, Chief – Operations and Customer Experience, Bajaj Allianz Life said, “In the digital era, we have ensured to include a human element while managing our customer experience journey. i-SERV, a simple yet effective solution, is another step in that direction. Customers will not only get their queries resolved in a couple of clicks, but also have a human interface while doing so, which we believe is essential in getting our customer service goals done.”

Goutam Datta, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Bajaj Allianz Life, commented at the launch, “Digital disruption along with a human interface to give our customers more personalised services resulted in the launch of i-SERV. We are cognizant of our customer needs, and this innovation will help them to engage with us in a better manner. It’s simple and anyone who is able to read will be able to get their queries resolved through i-SERV, and empowering customers to manage their own queries is a strong reflection of how technology can be truly leveraged in the field of customer service.”

Services offered by Bajaj Allianz Life i-SERV

The video-based customer service initiative can help customers:

  1. Manage all service queries related to their policy such as premium paid certificates, account statement, premium receipts, surrender value enquiry, duplicate policy bond, etc.
  2. Conduct financial transactions like paying renewal premium
  3. Update payment style such as registering for auto-mandates or direct credit
  4. Get all information related to the policy such as premium amount, due date, duration of the policy etc
  5. Check policy status and ULIP policy fund value
  6. Update personal details such as  contact number, email ID, PAN, bank account details, name correction, nominee change, etc
  7. Get complaints registered / addressed

i-SERV solutions is available in English and 5 Indian languages, which means there are dedicated representatives to respond to customers in Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Tamil and Gujarati.

i-SERV is the latest in a series of digital initiatives by Bajaj Allianz Life, which has been focusing on to digitizing its operations and providing customer delight using technology.

Technology initiatives at Bajaj Allianz Life

  • BOINGis an AI enabled chatbot to respond to customer queries in real time! Available in 5 languages (English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu), BOING has already interacted with over 3 lakh visitors.
  • Life Assistis a one stop customer portal. Over 3 lakh customers have used the portal for various policy servicing needs.
  • i-Smartis a comprehensive portal available on mobile and tablet devices for the Company’s Insurance Consultants. Over 44,000 agents use this tool.
  • i-Recruitallows an end-to-end completely paperless on-boarding process of insurance consultants. The company has so far recruited over 21,000 insurance consultants through this app, reducing on boarding TAT by 60%
  • INS-tab is a sales enablement app, through which over 57,000 policies have been processed
  • I-Manage is the most recent intervention for the company’s sales force, as it helps to keep all the data about sales agents with their manager. Over 3,000 sales managers are using this app on a daily basis.

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