Medlife goes multilingual: Platform to be offered in 8 native languages

Medlife has enabled the option of Hindi and will soon integrate Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati.

Strong internet penetration and the affordability of smartphones have led to the growth of online commerce in small towns and villages across the country, which accounts for over 50% of business for most e-commerce companies. One of the factors that continues to stall full-fledged development or growth of digital platforms across Bharat, is the language barrier. Though India is the second largest English speaking nation in the world, only 12% of the people speak English, whereas Hindi is spoken by more than 40% of the population and over 20 other languages are native to the rest. This clearly highlights the need to integrate more languages on to a commerce or trade platform in a multicultural society as ours.

With this integration, Medlife is set to engage with over twice the number of its present user base, or 10 million new customers, offering them the benefits of high-quality, end-to-end healthcare services, in a more personalized format.

Ananth Narayanan, Co-founder & CEO, Medlife, said, “We believe adding vernacular capabilities to Medlife’s platform will play a crucial role in not only ensuring language is not a hindrance for any user seeking to avail our services but also in accelerating the consumer transition to online technologies in Tier II, Tier III and rural cities. This also makes Medlife the first and only e-Health platform to expand its platform to regional languages and highlights our dedication to make e-Health simple, personal, accessible and affordable using technology in India.”

The integration of additional languages and the technological aspects associated with it are being undertaken in-house by Medlife.

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