Top 7 online stockbroking platforms bolstering startup ecosystem in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a surge in stock trading during the pandemic. According to BCG and FICCI report, Online broking accelerated from 43% to 57% during the lockdown. The landscape of Indian stock trading has changed drastically as millions of millennials have invested in stocks during the pandemic. Since India imposed the 1st lockdown, CDSL (Central Depositors Services India Ltd) saw a spike of 20% in the opening of new Demat accounts hitting over 25 million as compared to previous months. This upsurge has not only benefited the individuals but has also benefited the online trading platforms as they have attracted beginners through lower entry fees and easy access models.

Here’s a list of the top 7 online broking platforms which are used by the top Investors and traders across the country:

INVEST19 – INVEST19 is only stock investment platform providing multi-broker choices, this can be the options after NSE shutters NOW and also platform is approved for trading in NSE & BSE. Its a leading fintech company taking stock market to small towns by providing simplified the investment experience and free tailor made investment ideas powered by artificial intelligence and human brain to the individuals with Zero brokerage model. Since inception the stock investing and wealth management application in stock market with highest 4.8 star rating among all the stock trading platform, thus making it one of the most popular and trustworthy applications among the consumers.

Zerodha – Zerodha kite is a leading flagship trading and investment platform which is propelled by Zerodha. The lightweight app is based on the 3S principle i.e., speed, simplicity, and sleekness which helps the traders to trade at almost zero latency. Kite offers a selection of over 90,000 stocks and F&O contracts across exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX, and MCX-SX to individuals thus making it the most preferred apps among the users.

Groww – Groww is India’s leading retail brokerage company that helps consumers to invest in mutual funds and stock trading all under one umbrella. The application has maintained a very simplified user interface thus has attracted over 8 million registered users which include 50% of tier 2/tier 3 consumers and 50% of the beginners.

Upstock – Upstox is a Ratan tata, kalaari and tiger global funded one of the fastest growing discount broking company in India that offers unbeatable trading opportunities. It provides trading and charting, and a slew of other comprehensive trading features, rendering it an easy-to-use order-placing site in 2021.

Paytm Money – Paytm money is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisers cum stock broker that offers investment execution and advisory services to its customers. It is the safest and the most reliable investment application as it uses zero paperwork and provides a seamless experience to its customers by providing digital KYC and automated payments processes.

Indwealth – Indmoney is a SuperMoney application that consolidates all the user’s assets into a single application. It is convenient to use, and it helps the consumer to manage, save, lend, and build their own net worth by seamlessly bringing their whole financial life together in one place, including savings, deposits, credit cards, expenses, and taxes. It has over 500000 downloads and is ranks among the top 7 investment applications.

Smallcase – Smallcase is a creative solution platform for equity investments. A smallcase is a theme, concept, or tactic that is reflected in an intelligently weighted basket of up to 20 stocks. The focus of smallcase is on growing rural demand, zero debt, and rising profiles, thus becoming one of the leading downloaded applications in investment space across the county. The other reason why people are opting for smallcase is, it plays a middle role between direct equity investing and mutual fund investing.

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