Firework launches ‘Open Challenge’ campaign to engage with India’s vast creative talent and build careers

The much-awaited Firework Creator challenge has gone live in India with creator contracts worth 5 crores and 25 lakhs in cash on offer. Christened ‘Open Challenge’, the competition that will play out in the next 5 weeks will see cyber chefs, fitness and travel junkies, fashionistas and entertainers put out 30 second short videos on the Firework network to participate and claim their dominance in an otherwise cluttered space.

A Silicon Valley based decentralised 30 second short video platform, Firework, launched this multimedia campaign to engage with India’s vast creative talent pool and build creator careers. With this challenge Firework is also launching and inviting occupationally generated content creator’s category focusing on professionals like chefs, artists, small and medium business owners, film makers etc. With Firework, creators need not restrict their visual expressions to an app. A completely ‘for creators’ platform, Firework operates on the key principles of open web and offers unrestricted, organic reach to creators through their vast global network and cross platform partners.

The format of the challenge uses Firework’s innovative ‘Interactive story banner’ that converts a standard ad unit into a carousel of vertical videos and a call to action banner allows brands to take the challenge to a wider audience and is not restricted to any one single app.

Firework uses its embeds across over 140 locations along with ad units across major portals to ensure that the Open Challenge is truly open to anyone on the web to participate.

Sunil Nair, CEO of Firework India, said “India has a culture that is steeped with creative talent and ideas and Firework’s creator challenge is aimed towards deriving these expressions and distribute them in the best possible way. Storytelling has been burdened with the need to create sensation to break through the clutter. The Firework platform is unrestrictive and does not limit such expressions to a closed environment, hence we easily navigate through the clutter. As a first, these videos will be available on our network platforms across the country to optimize creator growth potential.

Over the next 5 weeks, creators will submit their entries to showcase their hashtag videos in food, fitness, travel, fashion related short videos. The campaign will also have a Pride Challenge for the LGBTQ community. These videos will be then evaluated based on creativity and popularity by the Firework jury and 25 winners will be selected, 5 from each category. Winners will be announced on the 27th of August 2020.

The schedule of the challenge is listed below






The Pride Challenge

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