Laurent & Benon Group unveils KADEN range of home appliances

Laurent &Benon, a leading Indian business conglomerate announced its foray into the consumer lifestyle segment in India with the launch of KADEN range of premium home appliances. A perfect blend of high-quality products and innovation, the new range caters to the evolving needs of the upwardly mobile Indian consumer and comprises of SMART home -spanning across the entire range of appliances required in a modern day home.


Unveiling the new range, Mr. Aman Syal, Group CEO, Laurent & Benon, said, “This is a moment of great pride for us. So far, the premium home appliances market has been dominated largely by Chinese imports and the launch of our smart, innovative, indigenously designed KADEN range is set to challenge that status quo. We are aiming for 100% locally manufactured and designed products and we are starting with 50% of the products and hoping to increase to 80%. The indigenous research, design and manufacturing approach of KADEN products is inspired by the Make In India movement announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi; and we aim to lead this change in the premium home appliances category. Now Indian consumers will have the choice of selecting a locally researched, designed and made in India premium product at competitive prices. In future we intend to achieve a dominant position in the industry.

Backed by in-depth research, the KADEN range aims to offer the right solution for the upwardly mobile consumer on the go.
From smart irons, to smart fans, coolers, heaters etc; KADEN products are designed to enhance the quality of life of its customers through simple yet smart innovations. Added Mr. Sushil Mishra,Business Head,Kaden Appliances, “We identified critical voids that exist in today’s lifestyle related to home appliance requirements; and worked backwards to provide smart solutions to fill these voids. It’s the little innovations that make all the difference and we are confident our range is going to be a great success with our target audience. We as company and a brand intend to make our country proud through development of indigenous products to reduce dependence of the industry on imports.”

Kaden launches with the widest range of appliances and would constantly evolve and expand the range to fulfil every requirement of its consumer. At Kaden, ensuring “customer delight” and an unparalleled experience is the aim, in line with which the brand is providing its customers with an interactive Mobile App which would assist its customers through the entire product life cycle, in addition to making their ownership experience an absolute pleasure, through innovatively leveraging technology to enhance their ownership experience.

KADEN products will be available at all major retail stores, traditional outlets and exclusively available on Amazon

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