Top Selling Hatchback Cars in 2015

New Delhi, India, June 8, 2015:, the emerging online Car Portal is gearing up in the auto market by selling new cars through through dealer tie ups. Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i10 and Hyundai i20 are the highest sold brand on the website. Reportedly, out of the total sales, 45% of Maruti Suzuki Swift, 40% of Hyundai  Grand i10 and 10% of Hyudani Elite i20 are being sold through the website.


Transaction category is most promising category for us, where we are all most touching Rs.34 crore per quarter in gross merchandise value of new cars – the total value of goods sold at a given time – in the near-term.  We have fostered 10 fold growth in total no. of transactions from AMJ, 14 to JFM, 15. We expect the growth to multiply on each quarter on quarter with additional operating cities and certain strategic partnerships in place. We are registering a remarkable growth quarter on quarter on media sales. We are hitting Rs.70 lakh which is 10 times growth in comparison to JFM, 15.

Boosting sales on this website is the reflection of its set of high-grade and genuine service. The company also did venture into used car offering an easy online portal to owners cum sellers of cars. Approximately, 56.5k used cars are being sold through the website currently. The company is contributing well to the car market by providing an easy-to-use and all-in-one platform for buying and selling cars to the general populace.

The online car portal offers comprehensive amenities to prospective car buyers. It offers extensive information about a variety of cars with detailed specifications that are handy to car buyers who are without much technical knowledge. It also assists in car insurance and loans offering details and links through its website.

At this online automotive hub, users can browse latest auto news, updates about newly launched and upcoming car models in the market. Various research components, analysis of car features, price comparisons and technology information for a wise car purchase are available in the website.

Speaking on the response, Mr Sagar Das, Business Head, AutoPortal says, “We are an intelligent market place which balances between buyers and sellers. Our objective is to give the consumer confidence, by introducing great data and content, so that the consumer walks in a dealership with informed decision and armed.”

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