Luminous Power Technologies Launches Range of Technologically Advanced Solar Inverters at the Renewable Energy India Expo 2019

Luminous Power Technologies launched an array of technologically advanced solar inverters at the Renewable Energy India Expo 2019 today. These solar solutions by Luminous intend to maximize consumers’ savings by efficiently managing power at home.   The new range of solar inverters are designed for high performance catered to diverse consumer needs.

These highly efficient solar inverters from Luminous Power Technologies deliver uninterrupted power supply for all electrical applications and are extremely safe and reliable. These inverters offer tailored solutions to the consumers through their applications. Introducing the new solar range of inverters by Luminous Power Technologies below:

On Grid Inverter

 Microinverter: Connected to four solar modules, MI 1500 Microinverter convert DC power into grid-compliance AC power. It improves energy harvest, increases reliability and dramatically simplifies design, installation and management of solar power systems. It ensures superior performance even in shaded weather conditions. Through its enhanced monitoring system, the inverter also provides detailed real time information and guidance for maintenance.

Hybrid Inverter

 Hybrid TX Series:  Hybrid Inverter can be used as a standalone On Grid or Off-grid Inverter or both as it comes with in-built back-up capability. These inverters come with dual competency, under normal operation it can supply power to run electrical appliances at home and charge the batteries as well as export excess electricity to grid. In the event of a power cut, the unit will automatically switch over to battery supply and continue to operate independently from the electricity grid, making it extremely safe and reliable. 

Off Grid Inverter

 Solarverter: Solarverter range from Luminous allows smart management of solar power, grid supply and battery. These inverters come with Smart Solar Optimization, which means it gives priority to solar in both backup and charging mode of operation thereby maximizing solar energy utilization. These inverters are equipped with a user-friendly LCD Display which allows the user to monitor various performance parameters. Complying with MNRE recommended standards, these inverters come with 2 years warranty. 

With all the above solar offerings from Luminous now available for consumers, the company also introduces a single app ‘Connect by Luminous’ that enables consumer to track and monitor their Luminous solar products installed at home. Based on cloud technology, the app will help consumers to monitor data such as solar power generation through solar panels, trends, power cuts etc. The app is available for android and IOS users, both. 

Present at the Renewable Energy India Expo 2019, Mr. Sachin Bhalla, Vice President, Marketing – Luminous Power Technologies, said, “Luminous is proud to have the widest range of solar solutions in its product portfolio today. The overall solar business has contributed close to 350cr to the overall Luminous revenue. We anticipate this year the revenue to be close to 500cr. At Luminous, we plan to become India’s leading provider of future-ready sustainable and energy-efficient products. As the demand for renewable and clean energy grows, Luminous will be there to provide smart solutions to every consumer at the most cost-effective prices, complemented by excellent customer service.”

Luminous Technologies power solutions business has over 20% market share in the segment with a vast portfolio which includes home UPS, batteries, stabilizers, solar solutions to home electrical offerings such as fans, LED lighting, wires and switches.

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